Art Press : 2020-04-20

DOSSIER : 51 : 51


51 dossier Richard Leydier ——— Aside from a few projects, Guillemett­e Coutellier had not exhibited much until now; she worked in film, alongside directors such as Sophie Letourneur, to whom we owe (2014) and (June 2020). Her drawings consist in enlarged photograph­ic prints on top of which she paints with acrylic. Not so long ago, she would pick them out of her old photos; now she takes pictures deliberate­ly, imagining what could appear in them. Namely, monsters. In the holiday images with children, in the South-West of France near Bassin d’Arcachon, in Sicily, in a picnic scene or a summer family meal – monstrous figures turn up in happy moments. They are like the images’ subconscio­us, and at the same time, they represent a kind of liberation. The artist, aware of this slightly distressin­g atmosphere, evokes her childhood, spent in a charismati­c Catholic church cult, which her parents had joined. There is always someone watching you, whether from behind a tree in a strange forest or from a gloomy nook. Guillemett­e Coutellier is currently preparing a book of drawings in the form of a leporello. Translatio­n: Jessica Shapiro Gaby Baby Doll Énorme « Sans titre ». 2019. Acrylique sur photograph­ie. Acrylic on photograph

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