Art Press : 2020-04-20

DOSSIER : 62 : 62


62 dossier A geometric abstract painter who started using the computer very early on as a fast and efficient tool, Vera Molnár, active since 1948, exhibits historical drawings, collages and digital works on the stand of 8+ 4 gallery (Paris). ——— A single line in black-and-white or in colour, tracing triangles, rectangles and various quadrilate­rals, forms grids, scatters into networks. Born by the Danube river, Vera Molnár moved to France in 1947. From 1960 to 1968, she worked using an “imaginary machine”.As cybernetic instrument­s were too expensive at the time, she decided to use systematic logic. Her work consisted in simple programmes that determined series of transforma­tion, following specific instructio­ns that allowed for imaginatio­n. Lines could be evocative: letters from her mother, montagne Sainte-Victoire landscapes, paintings by masters (Monet, Malevich, Dürer). Co-founder of GRAV (Groupe de Recherche d’Art Visuel) and of Groupe Art et Informatiq­ue in 1967. In 1968, she created her first digital pieces. For Drawing Now, Vera Molnár is presenting several groups of drawings and collages – some of which are rare and come from her archives, covering several decades. In addition, there are those specifical­ly created these past months. Fifty or so historical drawings, collages, gouache paintings and digital pieces are presented under the title De la Main à l’Ordinateur, Allers-Retours. “The art of painting starts on the retina: first the painters, then the spectator’s”, says the young 96-year-old artist. Translatio­n Jessica Shapiro Sylvie Dupuis « Sainte Victoire en rouge ». 2019. Collage

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