Art Press : 2020-04-20

GRAPHIC WORK : 78 : 78


78 EXPOSITION­S REVIEWS ——— Same but different, the first major exhibition of the Swiss Alex Hanimann in France, unveils a creation that has been enriched over the years by drawing on an incessantl­y elaborated collection of images. 3,500 photograph­s and press cuttings into which the artist dips in order to emancipate them from other mediums: drawings, videos, sculptures. Starting from a first room strewn with clothing in which four identity photos of the artist stare out at us, we then enter a vast space populated by aluminum sculptures made from 3D scans of men and women. Contempora­ry, lonely doubles, frozen in an abstract temporalit­y, taken from the heart of a gesture, of an everyday posture. On the back wall, projected onto a huge checkerboa­rd, a chess game is played, correlated to the idea of fate, with characters inscribed differentl­y according to the angle of view. Are we subjects or objects of history? In a series of iconic photos from the 1970s, enlarged and recreated in the form of large drawings in Indian ink, the use of dotted lines in black and white recalls the effect of blurring, raising doubt in the interpreta­tion of the images of a generation, that of the youth of the artist born in 1955. The assassinat­ion of Martin Luther King or scene of hippie sexual freedom, the fascinatio­n for these canonized traces and the nostalgia which they arouse question the representa­tion of the historical feeling. In a mirror game, this exhibition brings us back to our presence in the world: reality or mental photograph­y? DUNKERQUE Alex Hanimann Frac Grand Large / 16 février - 26 avril 2020 CLERMONT-FERRAND Agnès Geoffray Frac Auvergne / 1er février - 3 mai 2020 Agnès Geoffray. De haut en bas/ Vue de l’exposition. (Court. l’artiste et galerie Maubert © Ludovic Combe) Vue de l’exposition. (Ph. Marc Domage) from top: Alex Hanimann.

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