Art Press : 2020-07-21

POINT DE VUE : 14 : 14


14 point de vue On April 27, 2016, François Pinault signed an agreement with the City of Paris, owner of the Bourse de Commerce (former stock exchange building), which stipulated that the management of the place was entrusted via a 50-year lease to a subsidiary of Artémis, the Pinault family’s investment company. Built in the 18th century and refurbishe­d by Tadao Ando, the building, which was due to open in June, will house the Pinault collection. Pending its opening in the spring of 2021, Christophe Catsaros was able to visit the place which, according to him, marks “the overwhelmi­ng defeat of counter-culture in the face of the entreprene­urial and business vision of art”. THE SHAPE OF TRIUMPH La Bourse de Commerce - Pinault Collection en mars 2020. Le cylindre en béton percé de 4 ouvertures. (© Tadao Ando Architect & Associates, Niney et Marca Architecte­s ; Ph. Marc Domage)

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