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SPOTLIGHT : 31 : 31


31 spotlight which will explore the pictorial side of the collection, through works acquired between 2000 and 2020: paintings by Blair Thurman, Nina Childress, Wade Guyton or Sarah Morris. However, painting is not what first comes to mind when characteri­zing the trends of the Frac collection: “Indeed, painting does not constitute an important feature of our collection, unlike photograph­y and visual arts, but for all that, it is not absent either. Our collection has grown to include pictorial works ever since the 1980s with oeuvres by Jean-Michel Alberola, Alexandre Delay, Maya Andersson, Babou, Imi Knoebel or Gérard Garouste. Later, we acquired oeuvres by Katharina Fritsch, Stéphane Dafflon, Cécile Bart, Nicolas Chardon, Jessica Warboys, Daniel Schlier or Anne Imhof. For I chose to invite Vincent Pécoil, whom I appreciate for his knowledge and for the questions he raises regarding the medium, without these stemming from any sort of dogmatism in the matter. It was an important point as we wished to present an exhibition that could display the latest evolutions in painting since the year 2000, therefore in the last twenty years, from our collection and other public collection­s (including the Cnap), as well as new production­s (Sylvain Rousseau et Flora Moscovici)”, added Claire Jacquet. Milléniale­s, workshops, which exist in other Fracs but perhaps not as clearly or effectivel­y. Year after year, the collection, heart of every Frac, has grown to reach a thousand oeuvres. It is supported by famous names, such as Jeff Koons (his only work in a public French collection), Absalon, Annette Messager, but also by younger ones, such as Benoît Maire or Pauline Fondevila.This collection is shown at 50% every year in various locations in the area, and willingly expands during exhibition­s within Frac walls. Such is the case with (curator: Claire Jacquet) which, from 7 December to its interrupti­on due to the lockdown, has brought together the oeuvres of fifty or so artists articulate­d around a flower theme. This autumn at MÉCA, from 24 September to 3 January, will be held the exhibition (curator: Vincent Pécoil), NARCISSE Drawing from Claire Jacquet’s and Frac president Bernard de Montferran­d’s idea, Frac has launched, this spring, a call for projects in order to help artists, especially in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, who, of course, suffer terribly from the current and forthcomin­g crisis. Artists could address a written project to Frac. Among 412 candidates, twenty-five have been selected. Laureates include Benjamin Artola, Laure Subreville and Marion Mounic. Each selected artist has received a 2 000 euro grant: “At the end of this call for projects, the oeuvres will remain property of the artists and, if acquired, will be considered by the technical acquisitio­n committee as per the usual process. In any case, I am thinking about showing these twenty-five projects next year, in a form yet to be determined (exhibition of publicatio­n)”, said the director. Frac reopens on June 23, giving the public the possibilit­y to see (for the first time or not) an exhibition that will be extended to 22 August. ——— Narcisse ou la floraison Created in 1982, Frac Aquitaine (Fonds régional d’art contempora­in), renamed Frac Nouvelle-Aquitaine MÉCA in 2019, was long located in Hangar G2, close to today’s Cité du Vin. Last year, it moved into the brand new Méca building, designed by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, who thus signed his first French building, and located on the other side of town, in the neighbourh­ood of Bordeaux railway station. Spread over 4 600 m2, Frac shares the building with two other cultural agencies, ALCA (books, cinema and audiovisua­l media) and OARA (live performanc­es). Such proximity with other fields is an opportunit­y for artists working at Frac, as is Pôle Innovation et Création which, among other things, puts artists in contact with local businesses that lend them their expertise: “Artists and CEOs quite often share things without realizing it: materials, ideas, processes. And I have often been surprised to see companies marvel more than artists over the results, which they would never have imagined”, explained Claire Jacquet, director of Frac since 2007. This Pôle Innovation Création also puts in place other tools, such as creative residencie­s, production des mondes Narcisse ou la floraison des mondes, Translatio­n: Jessica Shapiro Blair Thurman. « Ribbons & Bows » En haut / . 2019. Acrylique sur toile sur bois. 239 x 140 x 7 cm. (© et court. Blair Thurman; Ph. DR). Exposition top: « Milléniale­s. Peintures 2000 - 2020 » Claire Jacquet, Ci-contre / de la MÉCA. (Ph. Iris Piron) directrice opposite:

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