Art Press : 2020-07-21

SPOTLIGHT : 39 : 39


39 spotlight nally renowned Spanish diploma?True, there is the Programa de Estudios Independie­ntes of the Barcelona Museum of Contempora­ry Art (MACBA), created in 2006 by the all-powerful Manuel Borja-Villel (1), but its fame has never gone beyond Iberian borders. As a result, in order to acquire a certain legitimacy, young artists have to complete their studies abroad, with a preference for Goldsmiths College (London), Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (London), the Royal College of Art (London), the Rijksakade­mie (Amsterdam) and the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts (Paris). It is no coincidenc­e that two of the most significan­t art grants in the country – that of the Fundación Banco Santander and that of La Caixa – permit the funding these studies abroad. But diploma in hand, they are forced to juggle between a paltry offer in their country of origin and an environmen­t that is not theirs. “Since leaving Spain, all of a sudden I’ve suddenly had offers of exhibition­s there,” several of them confide in me, half amazed, half annoyed. Ian Waelder, a young Majorcan Spanish artists are becoming more and more like French football players. Like them, there comes a time when they are forced to emigrate in order to be able to progress. Like them, it is often through internatio­nal recognitio­n that their careers take off. Like them, they would like to be able to count on a context that rather makes the middle-class flourish and not only one or two (very) predominan­t players, whether called ParisSaint-Germain or Centro Reina Sofía. But unlike them, their difficulti­es begin earlier. French football training centres are much more recognized than art courses in Spain. Besides, who can name a single internatio- (1) Manuel Borja-Villel est directeur du Museo Reina Sofía, à Madrid, depuis 2008. Aurélien Le Genissel est critique d’art et commissair­e d’exposition basé en Espagne. Directeur artistique de la Blueprojec­t Foundation de Barcelone entre 2013 et 2018, il est actuelleme­nt directeur de la foire d’art vidéo de Barcelone. Loop Page de gauche, en haut et ci-dessous / top left Exposition « Querer Parecer Noche ». and below: CA2M, Madrid. 2018-19. (Ph. Iñaki Domingo)

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