Bordeaux J'Adore

On the waterfront,


A river runs through it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The long-abandonned Garonne is now the focus of attention in Bordeaux. Locals flock to the river for popular summer events, Bordeaux fête le Vin and Bordeaux fête le Fleuve, and under the hot sun, children can be seen cavorting in the Mirror d'eau which flanks the river. The river shuttle, Citybat 3 is the perfect way in which to take in Bordeaux's spectacula­r city-scape - at a remove, on the water! Luxury cruises will always make time for passengers to discover the vineyards, islands, small harbours and monuments along the Garonne like the Verrou Vauban fort at Blaye. All the above, and much more can be found on this map, along with crucial informatio­n about where to stop for lunch on both sides of the river between Quinsac and Pauillac!

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