Bordeaux J'Adore

◆ Domaine de Raba


Housed in the guest-house of a chateau built by 19th century architect Victor Louis, Domaine de Raba is an oasis in the busy and built-up suburb of Talence. The pavilion is set amidst 2 hectares of beautifull­y maintained park land, perfect for a post-prandial stroll. A Bordeaux establishm­ent since 1949, the restaurant has recently been steered in a new direction by a young local chef, Younnesse Bouakkaoui. He embraces non-traditiona­l ideas, such as brunch, whipping up a smorgasboa­rd of offerings from flaky viennoiser­ie to quiches, savoury cakes and colourful salads.

35, rue Rémi-belleau, Talence, 05 57 26 58 28

 ?? PHOTO QUENTIN SALINIER ?? Younesse Bouakkaoui.
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