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THERE ARE MYRIAD WAYS TO EXPLORE BORDEAUX. For starters the tram and the River shuttle – the Bat 3 are cheap, convenient options. And in addition to bikes for hire all over the city, there are plenty of novelty options such as segways, mobilboard­s and three-wheel electro-assisted velomobile­s too! If you prefer to go it on foot, you could book a different walking tour each day of the week. Of course, there are the classic wine tours, and local history tours which allow monuments like the Place de La Bourse and the Basilica of St. Michel to illuminate the past 1000 years here. Then, there are foodie tours which kick off with a coffee and a croissant at the Capucins Market, the ‘Belly of Bordeaux’ and take in ancient cheese cellars and bakeries specialisi­ng in the canelé – a local cake originally made by nuns for children. If fashion is your passion, there are boutique tours, and for the fitness fanatics there are early-morning and evening running tours which traverse the city, passing on fascinatin­g nuggets of informatio­n on the hop!

 ?? PHOTO D.R. ?? Mollat bookshop.
PHOTO D.R. Mollat bookshop.

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