This wee­kend is loo­king lo­ve­ly my friends! Our guide? So­meone who goes loo­king for the unu­sual, so­meone who knows Bor­deaux and its sur­roun­dings like the back of his hand, and so­meone who tells lit­tle-known sto­ries. La­dies and gent­le­men, please wel­come Tim

Bordeaux Moments - - Voyager Local / Travel Like A Local -

When Tim mounts his yel­low bike, it’s to go where tou­rist guides ra­re­ly ven­ture. This lo­ver of ar­chi­tec­ture and pho­to­gra­phy from Bris­tol is a bit like the Sher­lock Holmes of he­ri­tage. Since 2011, he has told of his ad­ven­tures on the In­vi­sible Bor­deaux blog. Due to its suc­cess, we couldn’t exact­ly call his blog “in­vi­sible” any­more. “At the start, I made this blog for the in­ter­na­tio­nal au­dience, it was about hel­ping them dis­co­ver more than just the mi­roir d’eau and Place de la Bourse.” It’s still as sur­pri­sing ( the Je­wish ce­me­try on Cours de la Marne), of­ten fun­ny ( his ‘ best of” for names of hair­dres­sing sa­lons in and around Bor­deaux), and cer­tain­ly edu­ca­tio­nal ( the night of the bar­ri­cades in May 1968 and the Bor­deaux bat­tle­field); his ar­ticles shine a new and dif­ferent light on the ci­ty. All of which are in En­glish- of course- and French.

Bor­deaux – Ca­sa­blan­ca by tram, it can be done! “Lo­ca­ted in the north of Bor­deaux, just next to the new sta­dium, the Flo­ral Park came about du­ring the 1992 In­ter­na­tio­nal Flo­wer Show. Des­pite being re­la­ti­ve­ly unk­nown, there are still ma­ny sur­prises to be found, such as the Py­re­nean-like stream with real rock from the gave de Pau, a col­lec­tion of vines and a fa­bu­lous rose gar­den. In­ci­den­tal­ly, I think it’s the on­ly place in Bor­deaux where you can see cows. Fi­nal­ly, last but not least, the gar­dens from twin­ned ci­ties. These gar­dens- in­clu­ding ur­ban fur­ni­ture and ob­jects do­na­ted from Bor­deaux’s twin ci­ties- trans­port you across the world. Mu­nich, Ma­drid, Ca­sa­blan­ca, Fu­kuo­ka… you can reach them all by tram now; it’s great!”

Ey­sines, in­to the wild “For­mer­ly known as Bor­deaux’s ve­ge­table patch, the mar­ket gar­de­ning zone of Ey­sines is both culti­va­ted and wild at the same time. I love this fee­ling of being out in the open space when we walk or cycle along the Jalle. You’re hard­ly ten ki­lo­metres from Bor­deaux ci­ty centre, but you feel so far away, al­most alone in the world, or trans­por­ted back in­to the France of yes­te­ryear. If you want to re­charge your bat­te­ries du­ring the walk, I re­com­mend the Bis­trot de la Jalle: a for­mer wind­mill that has been tur­ned in­to a res­tau­rant. A gua­ran­teed change of sce­ne­ry!”

The eter­nal youth of

la ci­té Fru­gès What strikes me each time I go back to la Ci­té Fru­gès in Pes­sac is the ti­me­less­ness of its ar­chi­tec­ture. When loo­king at the five types of hou­sing de­si­gned by Le Cor­bu­sier, it’s hard to be­lieve that they were built in the 1920’s. Since being lis­ted as a UNES­CO World He­ri­tage site in 2016, la ci­té Fru­gès has shot up in va­lue and the “skys­cra­per” house that’s open to the pu­blic is real­ly worth the de­tour.

L’eau Bourde – walk be­side the wa­ter “Gra­di­gnan, here we come! The stream that they call “the Bourde wa­ter” has its source be­side Ces­tas and pours in­to the Ga­ronne in Bègles. With a friend, we threw

our­selves in­to the chal­lenge of cy­cling along the stream, end- toend. There’s no need to pe­dal for hours to ful­ly en­joy this beau­ti­ful place. If you take the green cir­cuit from next to Gra­di­gnan you can pea­ce­ful­ly saun­ter from park to park be­side the wa­ter.”

Travel back in time in Lor­mont “You have to see this, at least once! Le mu­sée na­tio­nal de l’as­su­rance ma­la­die (the na­tio­nal mu­seum

of health in­su­rance) in Lor­mont is, for me, the most unex­pec­ted place in the area. It was set up in Cha­teau Les Lau­riers- which is worth the vi­sit in it­self- and this mu­seum is the on­ly one in France which traces the his­to­ry of health in­su­rance. Old do­cu­ments, fur­ni­shings and per­iod ma­chines can be found; the ex­pe­rience real­ly takes you on a trip back in time. It’s a must!”


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