Eve­ry­thing you need to know about the Pass Dé­gus­ta­tion (Tasting Pass)

Bordeaux Moments - - Événement / Event -

Your Pass Dé­gus­ta­tion is in­dis­pen­sable for dis­co­ve­ring and tasting all of those Bor­deaux and Nou­velle-aqui­taine’s wines, in their im­mense qua­li­ty and in­fi­nite di­ver­si­ty. The Pass Dé­gus­ta­tion is a RFID card that can be used at each pa­vi­lion and with the fes­ti­val’s va­rious part­ners. Over the five days of the fes­ti­val, the pass gives you ac­cess to:

1 tasting glass and its car­ry-case. 12 tas­tings : 1 tasting work­shop 1 “Ti­ckarte TBM” Ma­ny more spe­cial of­fers from Bor­deaux Wine Fes­ti­val’s part­ners

1 tasting at each of the 11 pavilions + 1 “coup de coeur” tasting. at the École du Vin de Bor­deaux pa­vi­lion. (un­li­mi­ted pu­blic trans­port ac­cess) (the com­plete list is avai­lable at www.bor­deaux-fete-le-vin.com). Buy your Pass: bor­deaux-fete-le-vin.com - bor­deaux-tou­risme.com - spec­tacles.car­re­four.fr - fnacs­pec­tacles.com - fran­ce­billet.com, in 1300 FNAC bou­tiques, Car­re­four, U, In­ter­mar­ché and Géant Ca­si­no su­per­mar­kets with ti­cke­ting desks. You can buy di­rect­ly from the Bor­deaux Tou­rist of­fice (Of­fice de Tou­risme et des Congrès de Bor­deaux Mé­tro­pole) from 22nd May.

- Soi­rée Grands Crus, Sa­tur­day 16th June, 8.30pm in Han­gar 14- a din­ner cock­tail in the pre­sence of ow­ners of es­tates that pro­duce Grand Crus, lea­ding your dis­co­ve­ry of their wines. The eve­ning takes place op­po­site the Ga­ronne, where you can en­joy the py­ro­tech­nic spec­tacle ta­king place as part of the Bor­deaux Wine Fes­ti­val. Re­serve on­line at ugcb.net

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