Bor­deaux is pop. That’s the sound of cork being ex­trac­ted from a wine bot­tle, right? Of course, but it’s al­so what’s going on in Bor­deaux this spring, and it’s un­de­nia­bly po­pu­lar and “ar­ty”.

Bordeaux Moments - - Scènes -

As the on­ly French fes­ti­val that deals ex­clu­si­ve­ly with mu­si­cal do­cu­men­ta­ries, Mu­si­cal Écran is show­ca­sing recent pro­duc­tions in a com­pe­ti­tion that boasts a do­zen full-length films. From a concert from the mar­tial groupe Lai­bach in Pyon­gyang to the his­to­ry of Ita­lo dis­co, with some trap mu­sic and the ta­co­neo fla­men­co so­mew­here in bet­ween, there’s so­me­thing to ca­ter for eve­ryone’s tastes. The scree­nings (at the Uto­pia ci­ne­ma) are most­ly fol­lo­wed by ques­tion and ans­wer ses­sions with the di­rec­tor or with va­rious spe­cia­lists. If you’ve got your dan­cing shoes, there’s an orien­tal funk night, an Ita­lo-dis­co eve­ning (Cour Ma­bly) plus the clo­sing night is going to be a cros­so­ver bet­ween “violent vi­sual crime and the psy­che­de­lism of shock” fo­cu­sing on X Ja­pan, with a subtle brass band, the Pas­tors of Mup­pets, co­ve­ring some me­tal clas­sics. Sun­day 1st to Sun­day 8th April www.bor­deaux­rock.com The big­gest ce­le­bra­tion of Asian pop cul­ture is in au­tumn in Bor­deaux, ho­we­ver in the mean­time Ani­ma­sia is ano­ther big event in April in Le Haillan, where the num­ber of par­ti­ci­pants is due to reach in to the tens of thou­sands. From cos­play to mar­tial arts, with ike­ba­na, ori­ga­mi and Yo­sa­koi, this year the fo­cus is on Ja­pan, which means that there will of course be a re­tro ga­ming com­pe­ti­tion and a K-pop stage! Sat. 28th April L’en­tre­pôt 33185 Le Haillan www.ani­ma­sia.org The Bor­deaux-ba­sed re­cord la­bel Ban­zaï Lab was foun­ded to be a la­bo­ra­to­ry for mu­si­cal crea­tion at the cross­roads of hip hop, elec­tro and dubs­tep. For­ty-odd al­bums la­ter, it hasn't strayed from its ob­jec­tive, and it's ce­le­bra­ting its tenth bir­th­day at the Ro­cher de Pal­mer in Ce­non over two dates, no­ta­bly brin­ging to­ge­ther Dir­ty Dike, Smo­key Joe & The Kid, Al'tar­ba, Too Ma­ny T's, plus a do­zen more ar­tists. Fri 4th and Sat 5th May www.ban­zai­lab.com The first big fes­ti­val event of the warm wea­ther sea­son, ODP Ta­lence is en­joying an ever-gro­wing suc­cess thanks to the qua­li­ty and va­rie­ty of the ar­tists it at­tracts, brin­ging people of all ge­ne­ra­tions and tastes to­ge­ther in a spe­cial set­ting: a French gar­den in an 18th cen­tu­ry cha­teau. Mo­reo­ver, the fes­ti­val boo­kers pay just as much at­ten­tion to the at­mos­phere, and all of the pro­ceeds go to­wards a great cause: the or­phans of French fi­re­figh­ters. This year will see Alt-j, Su­prême NTM, Les Né­gresse vertes, Coeur de pi­rate, Ibeyi, Ba­lo­ji, Gau­vain Sers, Da Sil­va et les lo­caux Laurent La­mar­ca and Dät­cha Man­da­la take to the stage. Parc Peixot­to in Ta­lence (Tram B) Fri 18th to Sun 20th May www.fes­ti­val-odp.com The Bor­deaux Geek Fes­ti­val is or­ga­ni­sed by the same team as Ani­ma­sia, brin­ging to­ge­ther se­ve­ral uni­verses: co­mics, science fic­tion, web cul­ture, vi­deo games and e-sports, pa­ral­lel worlds that are all connec­ted by high-tech. It’s ta­king place at the Parc des Ex­po­si­tions at the end of the In­ter­na­tio­nal Fair. 19th to 21st May geek-fes­ti­val.fr The se­venth edi­tion of this co­mics fes­ti­val comes du­ring a tran­si­tio­nal year, with there now being three as­so­cia­tions in­vol­ved, or­ga­ni­sing two events per year un­der the same ban­ner. In 2019, this is going to be a huge event for co­mics fans in this conglo­me­ra­tion, one which boasts one hun­dred au­thors and illus­tra­tors plus 12 edi­tors in the sec­tor. That said, the 2018 edi­tion will be just as strong, ki­cking off on the 25th May with a 'gra­phic joust', with mu­sic and dra­wing (at the Ro­cher de Pal­mer), then a long wee­kend (at Dar­win) with si­gnings by guest au­thors, an ex­hi­bi­tion, Q&A ses­sions with a do­zen or so au­thors in re­si­dence in Bor­deaux (Alain Ay­roles, Her­vé Bou­rhis, Juan­jo Guar­ni­do, Da­vid Prud­homme, etc.), shows for chil­dren and a fes­tive, mu­si­cal eve­ning on the Sa­tur­day (Guin­gette Al­ricq). Fri 25th May and Fri 1st to Sun 3rd www.rgrd9.com One for en­thu­siasts of self-pu­bli­shed work (fan­zines, desk­top pu­bli­shing, silks­creen prin­ting, etc.), Zi­ne­fest ga­thers lo­cal players in the scene, as well as in­ter­na­tio­nal un­der­ground fi­gures. The two days of the in­de­pendent edi­tors’ fair (Sa­tur­day 7th and Sun­day 8th Ju­ly at the Mar­ché des Douves) are pre­ce­ded by Q&A ses­sions, there will be ex­hi­bi­tions and fes­tive eve­nings held at Po­la, la Ga­le­rie de Etables and the Ca­fé Pom­pier. Wed 4th to Sun 8th Ju­ly zi­ne­fest.fr

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