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Born in Vil­lan­draut in 1264, Ber­trand de Got was elected Pope un­der the name of Clement V in 1305. We owe the con­struc­tion of “Cle­men­tine” for­ti­fied castles in this area to him. These are true archetypes of the me­dieval fort with their tow­ers, ar­row slits, dun­geons and draw­bridges: Vil­lan­draut, Ro­que­tail­lade (re­stored by Vi­ol­let-le-duc), Far­gues, Hamel and Bu­dos.

Stream through Sauternes - On the Ciron

From July to Septem­ber, take a trip on the peace­ful Ciron in a two-per­son ca­noe (45 mins), then draw up along­side Château de Car­bon­nieu for a wine tast­ing in the pres­ence of the wine­maker. Departs at 10.30am and 4pm from the nau­ti­cal base in Bommes. 14€ adult, 8€ child. www.tourisme-sud-gironde.com

The 100% Gas­con lunch­break

Try la Cuil­lère à Pot (Origne) if you want to taste lo­cal del­i­ca­cies (foie gras, duck breast, Bazas beef…) in a former work­ers’ ‘cer­cle’ (as­so­ci­a­tion), typ­i­cal of its kind. www.la-cuillere-a-pot.com There is also Sauternes Truck, in front of la Mai­son du Sauternes (in sum­mer). www.maison­dusauternes.com

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