Pi­cas­so in Pri­mi­tive Pi­cas­so et les arts Pri­mi­tifs

GREATER PARIS - - [Contents] Sommaire - By Pa­tri­cia Va­li­cen­ti

The mu­sée du quai Bran­ly - Jacques Chi­rac is ta­king a new look at Pi­cas­so and his as­so­cia­tion with the pri­mi­tive arts.

This ex­hi­bi­tion ex­plores the world of non-wes­tern arts as seen, in­ter­pre­ted and ap­pre­cia­ted by one of the West’s great ar­tists, Pa­blo Pi­cas­so. The theme has been ex­plo­red my­riad times but this ex­hi­bi­tion, en­tit­led Pi­cas­so Pri­mi­tif (Pri­mi­tive Pi­cas­so), is con­cei­ved around two com­ple­men­ta­ry ap­proaches re­vea­ling the re­la­tion­ship bet­ween Pi­cas­so and the arts of Afri­ca, Ocea­nia, the Ame­ri­cas and Asia.

This first ap­proach is chro­no­lo­gi­cal and his­to­ri­cal de­mons­tra­ting all of the ways by which Pi­cas­so main­tai­ned and de­ve­lo­ped re­la­tion­ships with the non-wes­tern arts not on­ly du­ring the de­ci­sive per­iod when he was wor­king on the ges­ta­tion of the De­moi­selles d’avignon in 1906 and 1907, but which al­so as his own col­lec­tion that he conser­ved his en­tire life shows, per­mea­ted his en­tire crea­tive per­iod. Do­cu­ments, let­ters and pho­to­graphs re­count what he in fact per­cei­ved, the circles of art dea­lers and col­lec­tors that he fre­quen­ted, the ex­hi­bi­tions that he at­ten­ded and those to which he lent works from his own col­lec­tion.

The se­cond ap­proach is a concep­tual one in which Pi­cas­so’s works are jux­ta­po­sed with those of non-wes­tern ar­tists. Works from the en­tire world were per­ma­nent fix­tures in his va­rious stu­dios in­di­ca­ting the dia­logue the ar­tist conduc­ted with them. The se­cond part of the show forms the lar­gest part of the ex­hi­bi­tion and is di­vi­ded in­to three sec­tions ex­plo­ring Ar­chaism, Me­ta­mor­pho­sis and That which is, re­vol­ving around an an­thro­po­lo­gy of art.

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