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GREATER PARIS - - Sommaire - By Pa­tri­cia Va­li­cen­ti

Oise, a Dis­co­ve­ry L’oise : dé­par­te­ment aux mille dé­cou­vertes

On the agenda there is the lei­sure and nau­ti­cal centre at Saint-leu d’es­serent of­fe­ring a host of ac­ti­vi­ties, like wa­ter sports, for fa­mi­lies in a na­tu­ral set­ting. 19 rue de la Ga­renne, 60340 St-leu d’es­serent, 03 44 56 77 88,­sest­ The high­ly ori­gi­nal Mu­sée de la Nacre et de

la Ta­blet­te­rie of­fers a jour­ney in­to the world of mo­ther of pearl in a re­gion where it has been fa­shio­ned for cen­tu­ries. 51 rue Roger Sa­len­gro, 60110 Mé­ru, 03 44 22 61 74,­ At the Mu­sée du Train à Va­peur, the mu­seum de­vo­ted to steam trains, you can take a ride in an au­then­tic steam train and learn the his­to­ry of these trains in cir­cu­la­tion in France from 1870 to 1950. Place de la Gare, 60360 Crèvecoeur-le-grand, 01 34 73 04 40,­ The Mai­son de la Pierre of­fers a jour­ney in­to an un­der­ground quar­ry to learn all about the geo­lo­gy of the re­gion, an­cient know-how and how mush­rooms are culti­va­ted. 22 rue Jean Jau­rès, 60740 Saint-maximin, 03 44 61 18 54, www.mai­son­de­la­ Phi­lip IV foun­ded the Abbaye Royale du Mon­cel in 1309 and to­day you can ex­plore the site and see what life was like in a me­die­val ab­bey. Abbaye Royale du Mon­cel, 60700 Pont­point, 03 44 72 33 98, www.ab­baye­du­mon­ On ano­ther me­die­val note, the Parc Ca­ri­sio­las takes you in­to the heart of a me­die­val vil­lage where crafts­men fa­shion stone, pot­te­ry and bread as they did in times of yore. D932-le che­min des vaches, 60400 Cri­solles, 03 44 09 01 73,­ri­sio­ The Mu­sée Gad­zarts is de­vo­ted to ap­plied arts and crafts and re­traces the life of the Duke de La Ro­che­fou­cauld. 2 ave de la Faïence, 60140 Lian­court, 03 44 73 12 09, www.fon­ The Bros­se­rie de Saint-fé­lix wa­ter mill on the banks of the Thé­rain takes you in­to the world of the mills for mil­ling wheat that were once pro­minent in the re­gion. 650 rue du Mou­lin, 60370 Saint-fé­lix, 03 44 26 29 71/06 80 66 13 19 www.mou­lin-de-saint-felix.jim­ © The Parc Ché­de­ville of­fers, in a na­tu­ral set­ting, a host of ac­ti­vi­ties re­vol­ving around en­vi­ron­men­tal themes. 10 rue de la Brèche, 60140 Mo­gne­ville, 03 44 24 90 85 www.ccl-va­lee­do­­de­vile The de­light­ful ani­mal park of the Po­ta­ger des Princes brings to­ge­ther beau­ti­ful gar­dens, small farm ani­mals and ac­ti­vi­ties for young and old alike. 17 rue de la Fai­san­de­rie, 60500 Chan­tilly, 03 44 57 39 66, www.po­ta­ger­des­ At the Pa­villon de Manse a dis­co­ve­ry in­to the hy­drau­lic sys­tems once used to bring wa­ter in­to the Do­maine of Chan­tilly can be dis­co­ve­red. 34 rue des Cas­cades, 60500 Chan­tilly, 03 44 62 01 33,­villon­de­ La Su­cre­rie in­tro­duces vi­si­tors to the re­gio­nal he­ri­tage that is su­gar and the fu­ture of plant life 12 Ha­meau de la Su­cre­rie, RD 1017, 60190 Fran­cières, 09 81 35 69 53­cre­rie.hauts­de­ The Pass’ Oise Dé­cou­verte is avai­lable at the part­ner sites, tou­rism of­fices and ve­nues and ho­tels and lod­gings.

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