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Pi­cas­so, a Year in the Life Une an­née dans la vie de Pi­cas­so

Ashow en­tit­led Pi­cas­so 1932, the Ero­tic Year, traces with chro­no­lo­gi­cal ri­gour, one year of crea­tion in the ple­tho­ric pro­duc­tion of Pa­blo Pi­cas­so. The vi­si­tor is in­vi­ted to fol­low the crea­tive pro­cess of Pi­cas­so in the year 1932, a year re­gar­ded as being a par­ti­cu­lar­ly rich one in the ar­tist’s ca­reer. The show or­ga­ni­sed by the Musée Na­tio­nal Pi­cas­so-pa­ris, where it is being held, in conjunc­tion with the Tate Mo­dern can be re­gar­ded as a re­flexion on the ar­tist’s fa­mous ex­pres­sion, “Pain­ting is just ano­ther way of kee­ping a dia­ry.”

Among his land­mark works of 1932 one finds Les bai­gneuses (The Ba­thers), an on-going theme in his work as well as the co­lour­ful com­po­si­tions re­vol­ving around Ma­rie-thé­rèse Walter, Pi­cas­so’s mis­tress and mo­del from 1927 to 1935. In pa­ral­lel to these sen­sual and ero­tic works, the ar­tist re­tur­ned to the theme of The Cru­ci­fixion while Bras­saï un­der­took a photo re­por­tage in Pi­cas­so’s stu­dio in Bois­ge­loup in Nor­man­dy in De­cem­ber of the year in ques­tion. The year 1932 was al­so mar­ked by ma­jor re­tros­pec­tives de­vo­ted to Pi­cas­so no­ta­bly at the Ga­le­rie Georges Pe­tit in Pa­ris and the Kuns­thaus in Zu­rich, which ex­hi­bi­ted the works of the Spa­nish pain­ter to the pu­blic for the first time since 1911. The year al­so saw the pu­bli­ca­tion of the first com­pre­hen­sive, an­no­ta­ted lis­ting, known in French as a ca­ta­logue rai­son­né, of all of Pi­cas­so’s known works pu­bli­shed by Ch­ris­tian Zer­vos.

This ex­hi­bi­tion marks the first time a show has been de­di­ca­ted to the work of an ar­tist from Ja­nua­ry 1st to De­cem­ber 31st. It pre­sents es­sen­tial mas­ter­pieces in the ca­reer of Pi­cas­so like Le Rêve (The Dream), as well as do­cu­ments pla­cing the crea­tions of 1932 in their context. Through to Fe­brua­ry 11th 5 rue de Tho­ri­gny (3rd), 01 85 56 00 36­see­pi­cas­so­pa­

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