GREATER PARIS - - [Contents] Sommaire - By Pa­tri­cia Va­li­cen­ti

Crui­sing with Cui­sine Croi­sière et gas­tro­no­mie

Take in Pa­ris from the Seine in a warm and ele­gant at­mos­phere with Pa­ris Ci­ty­vi­sion - La Ma­ri­na. There are plen­ty of of­fe­rings on the agen­da for couples, fa­mi­lies or among­st friends on-board these sleek, com­for­table boats where re­fi­ned gour­met cui­sine is ser­ved. Cruises de­part conve­nient­ly from the Port de Solférino on the Seine, just foots­teps away from the Musée d’or­say. Here you will em­bark upon a cruise boat equip­ped with pa­no­ra­mic win­dows to take in a to­tal view of the Pa­ri­sian mo­nu­ments that go with the flow of the Seine as you en­joy drinks and lunch or din­ner. The chef and his team are on-board to pre­pare a gas­tro­no­mic meal re­vol­ving around sea­so­nal pro­ducts while the wine ste­ward pro­poses a hand-pi­cked se­lec­tion of wines to ac­com­pa­ny the re­past.

The Or­say lunch cruises de­part at 12:30pm and din­ner cruises at 6:45pm for the Dis­co­ve­ry din­ner and 9:15pm for the Sa­vours din­ner. Each meal in­cludes an ap­pe­ti­ser, main course and des­sert. A wide se­lec­tion of spe­cial cruises are or­ga­ni­sed du­ring the ho­li­day sea­son with a lunch cruise de­par­ting at 12:30pm on De­cem­ber 24th and 25th with a fes­tive me­nu in­clu­ding an ap­pe­ti­ser, main dish and des­sert ac­com­pa­nied by Ch­rist­mas ca­rols as you gent­ly float up and down the Seine. Ch­rist­mas din­ner cruises are or­ga­ni­sed at 8:45pm on the 24th and 25th of De­cem­ber as well with a three-course din­ner and cham­pagne. A great way to bring in 2018 is on board a din­ner dance cruise on De­cem­ber 31st re­plete with a cock­tail, ap­pe­ti­ser, main course, des­sert, fine wines and cham­pagne to toast with be­fore a scin­tilla­ting Eif­fel Tower. A DJ is on board to add ex­tra am­biance to the al­rea­dy fes­tive fun.

And what could be more ro­man­tic than a Va­len­tine’s Day din­ner in the ci­ty of ro­mance on Fe­brua­ry 14th. Three din­ners are or­ga­ni­sed for a ro­man­tic feast, one stays put in port at 8pm and there are two din­ner cruises de­par­ting in the eve­ning at 6:45pm and 9:15pm. The splen­did de­tail: a rose upon each table. Port de Solférino (7th), 01 43 43 40 30, con­­ri­na-de-pa­

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