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The Ferme Or­née and the Oran­ge­rie of the Caillebott­e pro­per­ty is hos­ting an ex­hi­bi­tion en­tit­led "La Porte des Rêves, Un Re­gard Sym­bo­liste" mea­ning the door to dreams, a Sym­bo­list re­gard. And the show ef­fec­ti­ve­ly does just that through some 163 Sym­bo­list works in my­riad me­diums ran­ging from pain­tings to sculp­tures, pas­tels, dra­wings, li­tho­graphs and en­amels.

The works on dis­play ema­nate from a pri­vate French col­lec­tion, which in­clude works that were al­rea­dy ex­hi­bi­ted at the time of their crea­tion and played a pio­nee­ring role in the re­cog­ni­tion of the Sym­bo­lists. The col­lec­tion has tra­vel­led to 11 coun­tries and 17 museums but has not been ex­hi­bi­ted in France since 2000. The show is an in­vi­ta­tion to dis­co­ver the works of some 50 ar­tists both French and from abroad who wor­ked bet­ween 1890 and 1914 and be­lon­ged to two ge­ne­ra­tions of French and Eu­ro­pean Sym­bo­lists. Hen­ry de Groux, Charles La­coste and George Des­val­lières are among the ar­tists on dis­play.

The show opens up with works re­flec­ting the Sym­bo­lists’ taste for tra­di­tio­nal sub­jects found in me­die­val and Re­nais­sance art like the age of le­gends. In this idea­li­sed uni­verse fai­ry-like fi­gures are evo­ked along with idyl­lic land­scapes and mys­te­rious fo­rests. These are fol­lo­wed by works de­vo­ted to the great myths, the muses de­pic­ted by the ar­tists, dream-like set­tings and the world of si­lence. There is al­so a space de­vo­ted to the mys­ti­cal land­scapes of Char­lesMa­rie Du­lac fol­lo­wed by the dark side of the mo­ve­ment, works de­pic­ting des­cent in­to hell and fi­nal­ly the ideal.

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