The Che­min- Vert Foun­dry was es­ta­bli­shed in 1835 by the Pli­chon bro­thers in what is to­day the 11th ar­ron­dis­se­ment of Pa­ris. The firm sup­plied ex­cellent qua­li­ty cast iron parts to the na­vy and rail­way com­pa­nies. The foun­dry em­ployed 60 people and pro­du­ced

GREATER PARIS - - [ Contents] - By Pa­tri­cia Va­li­cen­ti

VOL­TAIRE : L’ATE­LIER DES LU­MIÈRES A Di­gi­tal Art Cen­ter Lights Up the Ca­pi­tal Un centre d’art d’un nou­veau genre

Anew ve­nue de­vo­ted to the di­gi­tal arts has ope­ned up in Pa­ris cal­led L'ate­lier des Lu­mières (The Work­shop of Lights) and the vo­ca­tion of the Work­shop of Lights is to present mo­nu­men­tal im­mer­sive ex­hi­bi­tions re­vol­ving around the di­gi­tal arts to the pu­blic. Out­fit­ted with 140 vi­deo pro­jec­tors and a space-filling state-of-the-art sound sys­tem, the ve­nue's mul­ti-me­dia equip­ment is unique in its genre moul­ding a sur­face area of 3300 square metres from the floor to the cei­ling with walls that can mea­sure up to 10 metres high.

Lo­ca­ted in a for­mer Pa­ri­sian iron foun­dry si­tua­ted bet­ween Bas­tille and Ré­pu­blique, the ve­nue holds th­ree ex­hi­bi­tions in two spaces. The Halle ex­hi­bi­tion space will host a cycle of di­gi­tal and im­mer­sive ex­hi­bi­tions al­ter­na­ting bet­ween long pro­grammes de­vo­ted to ma­jor fi­gures in art his­to­ry while a short pro­gramme will fea­ture more contem­po­ra­ry works. The ope­ning long pro­gramme is de­vo­ted to Gus­tav Klimt and Egon Schiele plun­ging the vi­si­tors in­to the heart of mo­nu­men­tal works of art by these mo­nu­men­tal fi­gures of the late 19th cen­tu­ry Vien­na Se­ces­sion mo­ve­ment. Vi­si­tors can see the sligh­test de­tail in the works of the ar­tists while sur­roun­ded by cap­ti­va­ting mu­sic in­clu­ding se­lec­tions by Wag­ner, Strauss, Bee­tho­ven, Mah­ler and Cho­pin. Meanw­hile, the cur­rent short pro­gramme will be de­vo­ted to ano­ther ar­tist in the Vien­nese contem­po­ra­ry crea­tive world, Frie­dens­reich Hun­dert­was­ser (1928-2000), who drew his ins­pi­ra­tion from the Vien­na Se­ces­sion mo­ve­ment with this high­ly co­lour­ful show crea­ting a bridge bet­ween the per­iods. Tem­po­ra­ry ex­hi­bi­tions sho­wing through to No­vem­ber 11th 38 rue Saint Maur (11th), 01 80 98 46 02 www.ate­lier-lu­mieres.com

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