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En­glish, French, Spa­nish Prac­ti­cal in­for­ma­tion to have with you at all times (buses, me­tro & train sta­tions, air­ports, post of­fices, etc…) LES IN­DIS­PEN­SABLES : Le Pa­ris pra­tique, à em­por­ter par­tout (bus, mé­tro, gares, aé­ro­ports, poste…)


BY PLANE Tra­vel­ler in­for­ma­tion. Tel: 39 50 (€0.35/min)­ri­sae­ro­ Rois­sy-charles de Gaulle air­port • RER line B from the Gare du Nord Ap­prox. 35 min. www.tran­si­ • Rois­sy­bus from Opé­ra. Bet­ween 45 min and 1 hour. 10,50€ • With Le-bus Di­rect : Di­rect shut­tle ser­vice from Pa­ris downt­town (Etoile/champs Ely­sées, Gare Mont­par­nasse, Porte Maillot et Gare de Lyon). Open dai­ly. Tel : 0810 812 001 (0,12€/min + stan­dard call charges ap­ply) www.le­bus­di­ • Taxi. Ap­prox. 45 mi­nutes. Around 60€ Or­ly South and Or­ly West

• RER line C and shut­tle from the Gare d’aus­ter­litz. Ap­prox. 1 hour. Or RER line B and Or­ly­val shut­tle from Châ­te­let. Ap­prox. 40 min. www.tran­si­ • Or­ly­bus. Tel: 32 46 (€0.34/min). 7,50€ From Den­fert-ro­che­reau. Ap­prox. 30 min. • With Le-bus di­rect: Di­rect shut­tle ser­vice from Pa­ris downt­town (Etoile/champs Ely­sées, In­va­lides, Gare Mont­par­nasse). Open dai­ly. Tel : 0810 812 001 (0,12€/min + stan­dard call charges ap­ply). www.le­bus­di­ • Taxi. Ap­prox. 45 mi­nutes. Bet­ween 35€ and 50€ • Jet­bus. From the Ville­juif Louis Ara­gon me­tro sta­tion. Ap­prox. 15 min


Tra­vel­ler in­for­ma­tion. Tel: 36 35 (€0.34/min). The six main­line sta­tions in Pa­ris:

• Gare d’aus­ter­litz. Me­tro: lines 5, 10 and RER line C. Des­ti­na­tions: cen­tral France, Tou­louse, the Py­re­nees and Spain. • Gare de l’est. Me­tro: lines 4, 5, 7 and RER line D. Des­ti­na­tions: Eas­tern France, Ger­ma­ny, Swit­zer­land and Luxem­bourg. • Gare de Lyon. Me­tro: lines 1, 14 and RER lines A and D, Air France coaches for Rois­sy. Des­ti­na­tions: Sou­thEast France, Lan­gue­doc-rous­sillon, Rhône-alpes and the French Ri­vie­ra. • Gare Mont­par­nasse. Me­tro: lines 4, 6, 12, 13 and Air France coaches for Rois­sy and Or­ly. Des­ti­na­tions: Wes­tern and South-wes­tern France. • Gare du Nord. Me­tro: lines 4, 5 and RER lines B, D and E. Des­ti­na­tions: Nor­thern Pa­ris, Nor­thern France, Lille, Bel­gium, The Ne­ther­lands, Ger­ma­ny (Tha­lys) and Lon­don (Eu­ros­tar). • Gare Saint La­zare: Me­tro: lines 3, 12 13 and RER lines A and E. Des­ti­na­tions: Nor­man­dy, Wes­tern and South-west Pa­ris • Gare de Ber­cy : Des­ti­na­tions : Bour­gogne + Ita­lie


Me­tro and RER. 5:20 am to 1:15 am, eve­ry day. The me­tro runs un­til 2:15 am on Sat and Sun mor­nings. Bus. 5:45am to 0:30 am. Plus the “Noc­ti­lien” night buses from 12:30 am to 5:30 am. One me­tro ti­cket for a single jour­ney costs from 1.90€ A book­let of 10 ti­ckets costs 14,90€ Tel: 34 24 (stan­dard call charges ap­ply) @Clients­ratp -


The white roof light comes on when the taxi is free. Rates char­ged as per the me­ter. Single phone num­ber for taxi ranks: PARKINGS IN PA­RIS

www.par­king­sde­pa­ contact@par­king­sde­pa­


Cash: from ex­change bu­reaus and banks (Tues­day to Sa­tur­day, 9am to 12:30pm and 2pm to 5 pm). TIPS

Taxes and ser­vice are in­clu­ded. You are free to leave an ad­di­tio­nal tip (10% of the price). TAX FREE Your tax re­fund in three steps with Tra­ve­lex You are eli­gible for a tax re­fund if you are aged over 16 and re­side out­side the Eu­ro­pean Union. • You must spend at least € 175.01 per form, per day and per point of sale in France. En­sure that the form is du­ly com­ple­ted be­fore lea­ving the point of sale. • Have the form va­li­da­ted by Cus­toms wi­thin three months of the date of pur­chase. • Re­quest a VAT re­fund from one of the Tra­ve­lex stores lo­ca­ted at Rois­sy Charles de Gaulle & Or­ly air­ports. LOSS / THEFT

Cre­dit cards. Call 0892 705 705 se­ven days a week (€0.34/min.). Ame­ri­can Ex­press Tra­vel­ler’s Cheques: Call 0 800 83 28 20 Cheque books. Call 0892.68.32.08 (€0.337/min.) se­ven days a week. Pas­sports. De­clare the loss in the nea­rest po­lice sta­tion and then with your em­bas­sy (www.di­plo­ma­ Lost and found. Call 0821.00.25.25 (€0.12/min).


MUSEUMS/MO­NU­MENTS Open from 9 am to 5 pm, de­pen­ding on the mu­seum. Museums are clo­sed on Mon­days or Tues­days, Ja­nua­ry 1, May 1 and De­cem­ber 25. The Eif­fel To­wer, the Mont­par­nasse To­wer, the Gré­vin Mu­seum, the Jacquemart-an­dré Mu­seum, the Es­pace Sal­va­dor Dali, the Mu­seum of Ero­ti­ca and the to­wers of Notre Dame are open se­ven days a week.


25 rue des Py­ra­mides (1st) M° Py­ra­mides or Tui­le­ries. Open eve­ry day ex­cept the 1st of May­ri­sin­

PA­RIS RE­GION TOU­RIST BOARD­sit­pa­ris­re­ • Pa­ris Charles de Gaulle Air­port, from 7 :15am to 8:45pm, T1, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F Ter­mi­nals, le­vel ar­ri­vals • Pa­ris Or­ly Air­port, from 7 :15am to 8 :30pm, Or­ly South and West Ter­mi­nals, le­vel ar­ri­vals • Ver­sailles, 2bis ave de Pa­ris, 78000 Ver­sailles, from Tues­day to Sa­tur­day, 9am-6pm, Sun­day 9:30am-5pm • Dis­ney­land Pa­ris, place Fran­çois Truf­faut, 77705 Marne la Val­lée, from 9am to 8:30pm • Ga­le­ries La­fayette, 40 blvd Hauss­mann (9th), from Mon­day to Sa­tur­day, 9:30am-8:30pm and Sun­day, 11am-7pm


The pass can be used to visit more than 50 museums in and around Pa­ris as ma­ny times as you like and wi­thout queuing. It can­not be used to visit tem­po­ra­ry ex­hi­bi­tions. 2 days for 48€,4 days for 62€ and 6 days for 74€­ris­mu­seum­


Kiosque Ma­de­leine, place de la Ma­de­leine (8th) Kiosque Mont­par­nasse, place Raoul Dau­try (15th) Kiosque Ternes, place des Ternes (17th) www.kios­que­cul­


Museums/mo­nu­ments are free of charge for chil­dren aged un­der 18. Ci­ty of Pa­ris museums are free of charge all year round. Museums and mo­nu­ments are free of charge on the first Sun­day of each month. The me­tro is free of charge for chil­dren aged un­der 4 and chil­dren aged bet­ween 4 and 11 years of age tra­vel half price.


EMERGENCY NUM­BERS Am­bu­lance: 15 Po­lice and re­scue: 17 Emergency num­ber from mo­biles: 112 Fire ser­vice: 18 Emergency doc­tor: (24/24) Emergency den­tist: Poi­son emergency centre: (24/24)


-Phar­ma­cie Les Champs, 84 ave des Champs-ely­sées (8th). Tel: M° Frank­lin D. Roo­se­velt -Phar­ma­cie Ma­rey, 211 rue de la Conven­tion (15th). Tel: M° Conven­tion.


10am to 7pm, Fri­day to Sa­tur­day. Clo­sed on Sun­days and pu­blic ho­li­days. Ma­ny shops do not open un­til 11am on Mon­days.


Price of stamps: 0.78€ for France, 1.20€ for Europe, 1,30€ for the USA, Asia and Aus­tra­lia. Stamps can be bought in post of­fices and to­bac­co­nist’s stores, which can be re­co­gni­sed by the red “Ta­bac” si­gns. Post of­fice: 52 rue du Louvre (1st). M° Louvre-ri­vo­li. Mon-sat, 7:30am-6am the fol­lo­wing day TOBACCO

Smo­king was ban­ned in all edu­ca­tio­nal, cultu­ral and sports es­ta­blish­ments in France on Fe­brua­ry 1, 2007. Smo­king was ban­ned in cafes, ho­tels, res­tau­rants and night­clubs on Ja­nua­ry 1, 2008. PHONING ABROAD FROM FRANCE

Dial the in­ter­na­tio­nal pre­fix (00), then the coun­try code and the num­ber, wi­thout the lea­ding ze­ro. BA­BY EQUIP­MENT HIRE

Ba­by’tems, visit­by­ or call ELECTRICIT­Y The stan­dard mains sup­ply in France is 220 V at a fre­quen­cy of 50 Hz.

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