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France Tou­risme

France Tou­risme pro­vides ac­cess to the most pro­minent ac­ti­vi­ties and tours in Pa­ris: Seine cruises, mu­seum ti­ckets, the Eif­fel To­wer, the Ci­ty Tour, and dai­ly shut­tle buses to Ver­sailles and Dis­ney­land Pa­ris, as well as day

® trips to France’s must-see des­ti­na­tions (Le Mont-saint-mi­chel, the Châ­teaux de la Loire, etc.).

You will find all the in­for­ma­tion and tou­rism pro­ducts you need for your stay in one of our 3 France Tou­risme of­fices, all per­fect­ly si­tua­ted in the heart of Pa­ris and open se­ven days a week.

France Tou­risme gua­ran­tees you the best prices in Pa­ris and per­fect vi­si­ting condi­tions: their all-in­clu­sive pa­ckages and outings of­fer round-trip trans­port, queue jump ti­ckets, se­lect sche­dules, prio­ri­ty ac­cess, ex­pe­rien­ced guides, and more!

As a part­ner of Pa­ris’s lea­ding eve­ning en­ter­tain­ment pro­vi­ders, France Tou­risme can al­so sug­gest din­ner cruises, res­tau­rants and ca­ba­rets, and can even source last-mi­nute ti­ckets that aren’t al­ways ea­sy to track down. ■

FRANCE TOU­RISME OF­FICES 6 rue de l’ami­ral de Co­li­gny (1st), M° Louvre Ri­vo­li, 01 53 10 35 35 33 quai des Grands Au­gus­tins (6th), M° Saint Mi­chel, 01 53 10 35 36 5 ave­nue de l'opé­ra (1st), M° Opé­ra, 01 42 96 07 97

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