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IL ÉTAIT UNE FOIS How to Be­come a Pa­ri­sian in One Hour? Oli­vier Gi­raud, l’hu­mo­riste qui monte !

Hi­la­rious and cultu­ral­ly en­ri­ching, the hit co­me­dy show, How to Be­come a Pa­ri­sian in One Hour?, is a pure de­light from a ve­ry ta­len­ted French co­me­dian. Con­cei­ved and per­for­med in En­glish by Oli­vier Gi­raud, the show was hai­led by the New York Times as «lear­ning to be French through co­me­dy». You will learn how to act like a real Pa­ri­sian in a shop, res­tau­rant, taxi, the me­tro, a night­club and beyond. And you’ll learn the ty­pi­cal Pa­ri­sian lan­guage and fa­cial ex­pres­sions. We were able to take him off the stage to sit down for a chat about him, his show and his fu­ture.

With all of the in­ter­es­ting mul­ti-cultu­ral know­ledge that comes out in your show, where are you from? I was born in Bor­deaux, I left when I tur­ned 18. I li­ved in Pa­ris, En­gland, Spain and the USA.

What did you do be­fore be­co­ming a co­me­dian? I wor­ked for five years in Ame­ri­ca as a res­tau­rant ma­na­ger at the Brea­kers Hotel Palm Beach in Flo­ri­da. I found most of my ins­pi­ra­tion du­ring all my trips around the world. How does it feel to be the star of the most suc­cess­ful co­me­dy show in Pa­ris? I couldn't be hap­pier, when I star­ted no­bo­dy be­lie­ved in my pro­ject be­cause the show was 100% in En­glish. Se­ven years la­ter, I'm playing the show in the heart of Pa­ris, in a beau­ti­ful 600- seat theatre! On May 20th I ce­le­bra­ted the 500 000th spec­ta­tor at the my­thi­cal Olympia hall and the show re­ce­veid the pres­ti­gious award ‘ BEST PA­RIS CO­ME­DY’ for the past three years… Oh­la­la !

Could you tell us, what the show talks about? The show talks about the cultu­ral dif­fe­rences bet­ween Parisians and the rest of the world! I train the au­dience in how to act in eve­ry si­tua­tion en­coun­te­red in Pa­ris.

Where does the au­dience come from? The au­dience comes from all around the world (at least 40 dif­fé­rent na­tio­na­li­ties) and I’m ve­ry hap­py and sur­pri­sed to welcome ma­ny French people as well. This mul­ti­cul­tu­ral au­dience creates a unique at­mos­phere! ■

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