For the 10th edi­tion of its de­si­gn com­pe­ti­tion, the French fur­ni­ture brand pro­po­sed a re­take on tra­di­tio­nal areas of know- how. A theme that temp­ted close to 300 young can­di­dates.

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The first thing that Cin­na re­vi­si­ted for this an­ni­ver­sa­ry edi­tion were the terms of the com­pe­ti­tion itself. Un­like past years when the com­pe­ti­tion was or­ga­ni­sed around two obli­ga­to­ry themes – small fur­ni­ture and ligh­ting – the 2017 edi­tion im­poses no ca­te­go­ry, al­lo­wing free­dom of crea­ti­vi­ty to young de­si­gners ( aged un­der 30) to take a new look at tra­di­tio­nal areas of know- how and see how they can re­late to the present day. Such an exer­cise would beg re­flec­tion on the evo­lu­tion of ways of li­ving and the way this im­pacts the home, from no­ma­dism, pro­duct de­ma­te­ria­li­sa­tion, con­nec­ted li­ving to home of­fice. The best en­tries were se­lec­ted by a ju­ry com­pri­sing spe­cia­list jour­na­lists – Chan­tal Ha­maide ( In­tra­mu­ros), Anne Des­nos- Bré ( Ma­rie Claire Mai­son), Mar­tine Du­teil ( Cô­té Pa­ris), Syl­vie Wolff ( Express Styles), Cen­drine Do­min­guez ( Té­va Dé­co), Syl­vie Adi­gard ( France 2) – and de­si­gners – Ma­rie Ch­ris­tine Dor­ner, Noé Du­chau­four- La­wrance and Eric Jour­dan, un­der the chair­man­ship of Michel Ro­set ( Pre­sident of Cin­na) and with the participation of Fran­ces­ca Avos­sa ( consul­tant). L’ESAD Saint- Etienne hit the jack­pot with two award­win­ning stu­dents: Jen­ni­fer Har­del, first prize ( 4,000 Eu­ros), with her wall win­dow “Mil­le­feuille” in tem­pe­red glass and co­lou­red film – a rein­ter­pre­ta­tion of stai­ned glass win­dows in a de­cons­truc­ted form and as­sem­bled using the mo­dern tech­nique of col­lage by UV light. Diana Mül­ler, won the pu­blic prize ( 2,000 Eu­ros) for her rug- object pro­ject. Thanks to a me­tal­lic struc­ture, “Arya” car­ries the fa­bric like a pa­ravent, a clothes- horse or even a seat. In­ter­net users vo­ted for it on the­rie­clai­re­mai­son. com site. As­so­ciate de­si­gners Ben­ja­min Voi­sin and Cé­dric Guille­min ( Stu­dio Voi­sinGuille­min) chose the an­ces­tral craft of co­ope­rage ( the making of bar­rels and tubs) as their cho­sen sub­ject. Known in France in the wine- gro­wing sec­tor, this know­how is used wi­de­ly in Ja­pan for the making of woo­den ob­jects. Ta­king their ins­pi­ra­tion from contai­ners and tubs used for bath- ta­king ri­tuals, they crea­ted a so­fa end table cal­led “Oke”, and were awar­ded se­cond prize for It ( 3,000 Eu­ros). Fa­bien Ca­da­mu­ro, pro­duct de­si­gner at Cons­tan­tin chose ligh­ting as his sub­ject, and came away with third prize ( 2,000 Eu­ros). His “Hal­ley” light is a mo­dern re- take of the candle. It charges by in­duc­tion and dis­tri­butes a soft light thanks to its LED light source. A mo­bile and eco­no­mi­cal ligh­ting so­lu­tion, that breaks with di­gi­tal. This an­ni­ver­sa­ry edi­tion was al­so the oc­ca­sion for Cin­na to look back over the ten years of the com­pe­ti­tion. The pu­blic was in­vi­ted to vote the “Prize of Prizes” in a re­tros­pec­tive of all the First Prizes awar­ded by for­mer ju­ries. The win­ners were de­si­gners Na­tha­naël Dé­sor­meaux and Damien Ca­rette ( Dé­sor­meaux/ Ca­rette)*, who won the 9th edi­tion of the young ta­lent com­pe­ti­tion with their “Pad­dock Chair” that joi­ned the Cin­na ca­ta­logue in 2017. The Pad­dock Chair was shown in Ja­nua­ry at the Mai­son& Ob­jet Fair.

* Na­tha­naël Dé­sor­meaux and Damien Ca­rette won the Ci­ty of Pa­ris Grand Prix of Creation, de­si­gn / ri­sing pro­fes­sio­nal ca­te­go­ry.

La chaise “OE”, de­si­gn An­gio­ni Tho­mas et Adrien Lou­vry ( 2ème prix ca­té­go­rie meuble en 2016), en­trée au ca­ta­logue Cin­na en 2017, pré­sen­tée sur le sa­lon Mai­son& ob­jet en jan­vier.

La “Pad­dock Chair”, de­si­gn De­sor­meaux/ Ca­rette, est en­trée au ca­ta­logue Cin­na en 2017. Prix des Prix

Le pro­jet “Arya”, de­si­gn Diana Mül­ler, élu Prix du Pu­blic par les in­ter­nautes.

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