Can­di­dates to the Pre­si­den­cy of the Eu­ro­pean Com­mis­sion

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Of the 13 Eu­ro­pean parties, five have no­mi­na­ted a can­di­date to suc­ceed the cur­rent Com­mis­sion Pre­sident:

The EPP has no­mi­na­ted Jean-Claude Jun­ker, for­mer Luxem­bourg Prime Mi­nis­ter and for­mer Eu­ro­group pre­sident The PES can­di­date is Mar­tin Schultz, cur­rent pre­sident of the Eu­ro­pean Par­lia­ment The Li­be­rals and De­mo­crats have no­mi­na­ted Guy Ve­rhof

tadt, for­mer Bel­gian prime mi­nis­ter and cur­rent leader in the EP The Greens have no­mi­na­ted a duo of cur­rent MEP’s French Jo­sé Bo­vé and Ger­man Fran­zis­ka Kel­ler, The Eu­ro­pean Left has no­mi­na­ted Alexis Tsi­pras, leader of the Greek Sy­ri­za party (2nd force of the 2012 Greek le­gis­la­tive elec­tions).

Un­til now, the EPP was the main Eu­ro­pean party at the EP with the PES. But to gain a ma­jo­ti­ty, they will need a coa­li­tion with other parties.The EPP will be pro­ba­bly lost one’s strenght by an in­crea­sing of ex­treme right at the 2014 elec­tions. The PES and PS will need al­liance with the Greens and the Li­be­rals.

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