Ukraine is a geo­po­li­ti­cal chal­lenge of ener­gy ques­tions

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Ukraine’s pi­pe­line serves the Rus­sian gas of ma­ny mem­ber states of EU. Two pro­jects of pi­pe­lines are consi­de­red: the North Stream, spon­so­red by Ger­ma­ny and Rus­sia and the South Stream that will trans­port Rus­sian gas to the Wes­tern Eu­rope un­der the Black Sea and th­rough the Bal­kans, which would come in­to ope­ra­tion in 2018. Th­ree other pro­jects of pi­pe­line were ta­ken in­to ac­count. Those pi­pe­lines pro­jects would re­duce EU’s de­pen­dence on Rus­sian gas. Na­buc­co pi­pe­line pro­ject would trans­port the gas from the Cas­pian Sea, it was spon­so­red by Aus­trian, Hun­ga­rian, Bul­ga­rian and Ro­ma­nian firms, but it has been can­cel­led in Ju­ly 2013. Ins­tead, the Trans Ana­to­lian Pi­pe­line (TANAP) fun­ded by Azer­bai­jan and Tur­key is due to come in­to ope­ra­tion in 2018. And al­so the Trans Adria­tic Pi­pe­line (TAP) will trans­port the gas from Azer­bai­jan to Greece, Al­ba­nia and to sou­thern Ita­ly un­der the Adria­tic Sea.

Ya­nu­ko­vich wan­ted to re­ne­wal lease of Rus­sian fleet in Se­bas­to­pol har­bor, it brings Rus­sia to have an ac­cess to the Black Sea, un­til 2045 at a mo­de­rate price ($89 mil­lion by year). In re­turn, Ukraine will be­ne­fit a drop price of gas ($40 bil­lion spread out 10 years). The last events sus­pend this ag­gree­ment.

Ukraine is mem­ber of a few pro-Eu­ro­pean or­ga­ni­za­tions: The GUAM (Geor­gia, Ukraine, Azer­bai­jan, Mol­do­va), an or­ga­ni­za­tion for de­mo­cra­cy and eco­no­mic de­ve­lop­ment since 1997, in co­ope­ra­tion with EU and USA al­so; the Coun­cil of Eu­rope, a lea­ding hu­man rights or­ga­ni­za­tion, since 1995 (47 mem­ber states).

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