French wo­man li­ving in Spain con­fi­dences

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Ja­que­line, Nor­man of 66 years old, lives in Spain since 24 years and won’t move. If the fisrst rea­son to leave France was the unem­ploy­ment of his son, the rea­son to stay is dif­ferent “the qua­li­ty of life”. In 1989 she li­ved in Nime (South of France town) with her two sons-18 and 12 years old. She had pro­blems to find job be­cause she hadn’t a good health and the rent was ex­pen­sive. She de­ci­ded to come to Spain when she rea­li­zed she was able to buy two houses there by loan and that the cost of the loan was re­fun­ded by the ren­ting. Her two sons found good job in Spain and won’t ever leave this coun­try al­so. When she came to Spain, she didn’t speak Spa­nish, not a word. Now she is bi­lin­gual and work for real Es­tates when they need a trans­la­tor.

For Ja­que­line “with €10 in France you just can eat dish of the day with a glass of wa­ter, in Spain, for the same price, you have star­ter, dish, de­sert and wine as much as you like!” Ow­ner, pri­vate means, good job, sunny and high cul­tu­ral wealth with af­for­dable prices, good health ser­vices, low tax, wi­thout he­si­ta­tion Ja­que­line told us “I will ne­ver go back

to live in France”.

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