In­te­gra­tion of re­ne­wable ener­gy, a real chal­lenge

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Some ex­perts consi­der that nu­clear po­wer will be lin­ked to the fu­ture of re­ne­wable ener­gies, due to its own cha­rac­te­ris­tics (5). Ho­we­ver, will the nu­clear ener­gy ans­wer in time to raise and lo­wer po­wer. It is the­re­fore the ther­mal and hy­dro that will ba­lance and sus­tai­na­bi­li­ty (6).

Ho­we­ver, re­ne­wable ener­gy (cal­led "fa­tal ener­gy"), with in­ter­mit­tent and ran­dom na­ture are in­suf­fi­cient and in­ade­quate to re­place nu­clear po­wer (even if it doesn’t solve the pro­blem of ra­dio­ac­tive waste) (7) at the present time.

In 2014­2015, the who­le­sale elec­tri­ci­ty mar­kets in Eu­rope have de­crea­sed, lea­ding to a si­tua­tion of over­ca­pa­ci­ty due to slug­gish de­mand for elec­tri­ci­ty due to the eco­no­mic cri­sis and an in­crease in pro­duc­tion ca­pa­ci­ty, fol­lo­wing the ar­ri­val of re­ne­wable ener­gy net­works. In the same vein, the de­ve­lop­ment of Smart Grids (in­tel­li­gent net­work) will fos­ter in­te­gra­tion in the com­mon elec­tri­ci­ty mar­ket of re­ne­wable ener­gy and de­ve­lop cross­bor­der elec­tri­ci­ty ex­changes.

* Le pa­quet « éner­gie­cli­mat 2030 » de l’Union eu­ro­péenne en­tend pour­suivre la trans­for­ma­tion du sys­tème éner­gé­tique et élec­trique eu­ro­péen et ren­for­cer le mar­ché com­mun de l’éner­gie et de l’élec­tri­ci­té(8).

The pa­ckage "Ener­gy­Cli­mate 2030" of the Eu­ro­pean Union in­tends to conti­nue the trans­for­ma­tion of the Eu­ro­pean ener­gy and elec­tri­ci­ty sys­tem and streng­then the com­mon ener­gy and elec­tri­ci­ty mar­ket (8).

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