To a uni­ver­sal sys­tem of so­cial pro­tec­tion ac­cor­ding to the can­di­date of the PS

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The can­di­date of the so­cia­list par­ty Be­noît Ha­mon (46) pro­poses to en­cou­rage com­pa­nies to in­vest in la­bor ra­ther than tech­ni­cal ca­pi­tal by ma­king it more ex­pen­sive by in­tro­du­cing a va­lue ad­ded tax (VA) He names "ro­bot tax". Thus, ins­tead of re­pla­cing man by ma­chines, the pro­cess would be re­ver­sed. This ini­tia­tive may be ap­pro­priate for cer­tain sec­tors such as large re­tai­lers but can not com­pete with the new in­for­ma­tion and com­mu­ni­ca­tion tech­no­lo­gies (ICTs) or ar­ti icial in­tel­li­gence or in­dus­trial ro­bo­ti­za­tion.

Its se­cond ma­jor pro­po­sal is to in­tro­duce a "uni­ver­sal in­come of exis­tence" cor­res­pon­ding ini­tial­ly to a re­va­lua­tion of the mi­ni­mum in­come of people who do not have one and who can bene it un­der cer­tain condi­tions (the RSA re­va­lo­ri­sa­tion of 10% from 2018 ), An ex­ten­sion to 18­25 years and then to anyone wi­thout in­come (600 €) and then to the whole po­pu­la­tion (750 €).

His third main pro­po­si­tion is to in­vest in sus­tai­nable de­ve­lop­ment (Bio, clean ener­gy and ve­hicles..). Pos­sible li­mi­ta­tions of the ex­pec­ted po­si­tive ef­fects of this pro­gram could be an in­crease bud­get de icit by uni­ver­sal in­come and the fall in tax re­ve­nues ge­ne­ra­ted by bu­si­ness es­capes (ro­bot tax) and di­sin­cen­tives to work may in­crease French pu­blic debt ove­rhang. But, it de­pends al­so of the ef icien­cy of the sus­tai­nable de­ve­lop­ment in­vest­ments which could ge­ne­rate al­so growth and em­ploye­ment.

3 main chal­lenges "ro­bot tax" "uni­ver­sal in­come of exis­tence" green eco­no­my

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