4 states lea­der of the Eu­ro­pean hy­brid-elec­tric ve­hicles mar­ket

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Des­pite the de­cli­ning of car re­gis­tra­tions since the eco­no­mic cri­sis of 2009, the mar­ket of hy­bri­de­lec­tric ve­hicles is re­cent­ly ex­ten­ding un­der the in luence of in­ter­na­tio­nal agree­ments (COP21), Eu­ro­pean tar­gets (po­li­cies of the th­ree 20) and le­gal fra­me­work, na­tio­nal go­vern­ment po­li­cies al­so. The Eu­ro­pean Union sales of hy­brid­elec­tric ve­hicles ac­count for 1,9% of all new re­gis­tra­tions in 2014 and Die­sel cars for 53% ac­cor­ding to the ICCT(in­ter­na­tio­nal Coun­cil on Clean Tran­spor­ta­tion) re­port(1)of 2016.

The ba­ck­ward of the Eu­ro­pean Union on this mar­ket (share of hy­brid­elec­tric cars was 1,4% of all new car re­gis­tra­tions in 2014) is si­gni icant com­pa­red with Ja­pan (20%), Nor­way (6,9%) or the Uni­ted States (3%). In the Ne­ther­lands (3,7%), Swe­den and France (2,3%) hy­brid ve­hicles make up a lar­ger share of the mar­ket than in the rest of EU mem­ber states. The in luence of the COP21 (200 cars avai­lable for the de­le­gates to drive from Pa­ris to the Bour­get and 90 new plug­in ter­mi­nals) and the tar­get to de­crease the green­house gas, boost po­li­cies in fa­vor of the hy­brid­elec­tric mar­ket.

The loss of plug­in ter­mi­nals in the Eu­ro­pean single mar­ket is the main obs­tacle. And so a recent Coun­cil Di­rec­tive about plug­in stan­dards ter­mi­nals will be adop­ted in the EU mem­ber states for the 18 of No­vem­ber 2017(2).

The Eu­ro­pean go­vern­ments which aim to in­crease hy­brid­elec­tric ve­hicles set up tax exemp­tions as Nor­way did or na­tio­nal as­sis­tance as in France and in Uni­ted­King­dom( 3).

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