L'étiquette (English)



“I’m a designer, but I also do a lot of photograph­y, sculpting, surfing. Because I like to go from one activity to another without changing my clothes, they wear out quickly, get messed up and sometimes tear, but I like that. I think fashion makes sense when it’s connected to the culture and a person’s way of life.“

The T-shirt is made by my own brand, Pilgrim Surf + Supply. It’s made in L.A., from organic cotton. The idea was to have a T-shirt that would look even better after years of washing. It holds up really well over time. It’s dry, dense and heavy.

A Pilgrim Surf + Supply shirt. It’s really light, perfect for summer. I love the four front pockets; it’s like I’m carrying a backpack without having the weight on my back.

Russell Moccasin Country Oxfords. I love the way you buy shoes from this brand: you choose a model, measure your foot then e-mail them the info. Six months later, you receive your shoes. Honestly, I’m surprised they don’t cost more, because the quality is absolutely incredible. I’ve had this pair for almost 12 years now. I wear them without socks in the summer.

These are Jacques Marie Mage glasses. I am hard on my stuff, and these glasses are super tough.

These pants were made by my buddy Ichiro from the brand orSlow. He takes classic workwear pieces and makes them super wearable and extremely comfortabl­e. I have this model in a bunch of different colors.

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