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“When I was three years old, I fell in love with a little gray cotton dress and insisted on wearing it every day. I remember my mother washing it every night. When it ended up in shreds, I moved on to another one, and then another one. So it’s safe to say I have always been obsessed with clothes. Today, as a New Yorker living in Paris, I mix Americana – including pieces from my father’s wardrobe – with very classic French brands.“

My husband gave me this Levi’s Type 1 jacket. I put a small Holiday Boileau pin on the collar. It’s my favorite jacket, hands down.

I brought this sapphire back from India and asked the Paris-based jewelry brand Dorette to make a ring for me. I love it because it works with whatever outfit I wear.

My socks are from Charvet, too. I thought a lot about which color to buy–there are so many choices–but then I gave in to my penchant for the classics, even if they are boring, and went for this greenish-beige shade.

This Charvet shirt was a gift from my friends, who pooled their money to buy me one of the brand’s custom-made shirts for my 30th birthday. I chose a slightly oversized masculine cut. The color is called Matignon, which says a lot about how I have internaliz­ed classic French codes.

A pair of jeans from a Japanese brand called Arts & Science. I found these at a secondhand store in Japan. Luckily, the fit was good.

A pair of secondhand Westons. They are a bit beat up. I polish them from time to time to help keep them in fairly good shape.

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