L'étiquette (English)



“All through my childhood, I had to wear my brother’s hand me down so now in a way I try to make up for the lost time: I have a lot of clothes in my wardrobe, probably too much… My icons are both very smart dressers, think of actor Edward Fox, and nonchalant guys with a lot of flair, like Alain Delon. If I can be somewhere in between that is fine by me!“

This suit is from Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label line. I like it because it’s unlined and made of cotton, but still made at one of the best Italian ateliers. I like to bike wearing it.

My suspenders are from Ralph Lauren, too. They make me stand up straighter and look taller – and I’ll take anything that can do that.

The shirt is vintage Ralph Lauren Black Label. It’s almost 10 years old, it works with everything, and I wear it as much as possible.

A Girard-Perregaux ‘60s watch. My best friend gave it to me for my 35th birthday after I lost the Rolex he had given me before… Pink gold works well with my skin.

I grew up in India, where it’s customary to wear a school uniform. These are the sneakers we wore on Friday for PE class. I love their simplicity. I usually wear a pair for a month and a half and then get new ones.

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