L'étiquette (English)



“When I was a teenager, before the explosion of the Internet, I read Japanese fashion magazines because they were full of informatio­n about clothes and brands and their history. That’s how I discovered American style, and I never got tired of it.“

My glasses come from Guepard, a Japanese brand that reproduces vintage frames. The quality is great, and the price really reasonable.

White T-shirts are a staple in my wardrobe in both summer and winter. I usually buy the ones with thick, round necklines from Los Angeles Apparel and then have them shortened.

My jeans are by a Japanese brand called Westoveral­ls. I like the color and the pleat. The shape is inspired by an old Levi’s 517 model.

This is a 1976 Cartier Ceinture watch. I think its proportion­s are perfect. I would never have worn a gold watch when I was young, but my tastes changed as I got older.

I love scarves, but I have a hard time finding the right size, so instead I use silk pocket handkerchi­efs. This one is from Ralph Lauren’s RRL line.

This is a Comme des Garçons shirt. The balance between the width, length, size, collar and fabric is perfect for me. I wore a lot of Comme des Garçons when I was a teenager, and I’m getting back into it now.

I buy my ribbed white cotton socks from Antipast, a Japanese brand sold by United Arrows. I’ve worn white socks in honor of Ivy style for as long as I can remember.

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