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Featuring no invisible socks, we promise. And no foot odor. Well, almost none.

The concept of wearing shoes without socks comes with its share of fantasies, fears, phobias and revulsion. And it may also come with some bad odors, but there are plenty of ways to prevent that. ■Talcum powder has its merits – rubbed into clean, dry feet, it blocks perspirati­on. If you put some in the bottom of your shoes, it absorbs excess sebum. Another effective measure is to wear sweat-absorbing insoles. Then there are no-show socks – we don’t necessaril­y approve of them, but yes, they do have their uses.

Loafers, SEBAGO.

From left to right and top to bottom: Sandals, PARABOOT. Derbies, RALPH LAUREN. Loafers, JOHN LOBB. Slippers, DINGO.

There’s a time for everything – even for going sock-free. In wintertime, don’t even think about it. In summer, be very discerning. When you’re all suited up, you should keep your socks firmly on. Same thing if you’re wearing Oxfords. But with derbies, you can decide case by case. For instance, going barefoot when you’re wearing bucks is absolutely doable. ■ There are two styles of shoe that really cry out to be worn next to bare skin. First, loafers. They’re casual, summery footwear to begin with, but sporting them barefooted adds a whole new dimension. Then there are leather sandals. If the vibe is casual enough – and you have an impeccable pedicure – you’ll feel comfortabl­e and liberated.

From left to right and top to bottom: Sandals, RONDINI. Loafers, GUCCI. Sandals, RONDINI. Loafers, CROCKETT & JONES.

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