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“Evi Keller, Matière-Lumière”, 31 May - 18 July, Galerie Jaeger Bucher, 5 & 7, rue de Saintonge, Paris 3, T +33(0)1 42 72 60 42, galeriejae­gerbucher.com

2015 coincides with both the 90th anniversar­y of Galerie Jaeger Bucher and the Internatio­nal Year of Light: a great occasion for this historical gallery (Marais Rive droite) to spotlight an artist for the first time. Evi Keller (born in 1968 in Germany, based in Paris) traded her initial activity as a photograph­er and graphic designer for an agency to develop her own work in visual art especially with dancers and musicians. Conceived as an initiatory journey “Matière-Lumière” crystallis­es various artistic approaches (photograph­y, painting, sculpture, audio-visual creation) elucidatin­g, among other things, their fusion and their relationsh­ip with light. Multiple and changing works, musical scores interprete­d in light, like the veils floating without frames, liberating themselves from the space and their environmen­t of creation. Transmuted into healing veils, dressings covering wounds and protecting abstract forms, they are mysteries of a magical, living matter that varies and refines itself into changing mineral vegetal, animal and human forms, giving birth to explosive, volcanic landscapes from a far-off and mysterious world. A second installati­on will be on display at the gallery of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris, curated by Alfred Pacquement, (28-31 May), on the occasion of the Choices Collectors Week-End.

 ??  ?? Evi Keller in her atelier.
Evi Keller in her atelier.

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