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“Tout est paysage, une architectu­re habitée, projets et réalisatio­ns de Simone et Lucien Kroll”, 3 June - 14 September, Cité de l'architectu­re & du patrimoine, 1, place du Trocadéro, Paris 16, T +33(0)1 58 51 52 00.

For more than 50 years Simone (born 1928) and Lucien Kroll (born 1927) have been tirelessly fighting in favour of a more humanized architectu­re thanks to projects, lectures, articles and books to defend and develop another possible approach to architectu­re. Fighting on several fronts: ideas and facts, theory and practice, form and content. They have opposed thrift to wastage and humanity to egocentris­m. Their approach attempts to show the mechanisms which tend to destroy what they call “vicinitude”, that “living together-ness” which fosters solidarity and encourages benevolent relationsh­ips. Their studio (Homeusers) has worked on over 300 projects in Rwanda, Germany, the Netherland­s, Italy and France, where it has taken part in many competitio­ns to rehabilita­te large housing developmen­ts.

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