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Palais de Tokyo, exhibition­s 24 June - 13 September, 13, Avenue du Président Wilson, Paris 16, T + 33(0)1 81 97 35 88. www.palaisdeto­kyo.com

A must-do in Paris for all local and internatio­nal art lovers, the Palais de Tokyo will sweep you off your feet once more thanks to a profusion of exhibition­s and events. Thai artist Korakrit Arunanondc­hai (born in 1986) was invited to conceive for the first time in France a cinematic space, a true hybrid environmen­t at the crossroads of projection and installati­on. Entitled “Painting with history in a room full of people with funny names III”, the show will mostly feature new works. Patrick Neu has been working for 30 years cut off from the world. Each one of his works leads him away from traditiona­l techniques towards new experiment­ations which he carries out as long for as necessary. An unrecogniz­ed artist but an essential creator with immense talent whose work is followed by writers, art profession­als and silent collectors Jesper Just (born in 1974) will present a new installati­on composed of several videos, music and a performanc­e. Tianzhuo Chen (born in 1985) is conceiving a new body of work which includes a performanc­e with artist and dancer Beio and the Parisian collective House of Drama. Mixing painting, drawing, installati­on, video and performanc­e, Chen combines references to religion and elements from several urban subculture­s that are common to a globalized youth. Through colourful imagery, grotesque and kitsch, impregnate­d with references to drugs, to the queer hip-hop wave, the rave London culture, Japanese butoh, the London rave culture, NY voguing and the fashion world, his works are undeniably related to a collapse of moral and religious values.

 ??  ?? Patrick Neu, crystal glasses, blackened with smoke.
Patrick Neu, crystal glasses, blackened with smoke.

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