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“Regards sur la collection d'agnès b., 12 June-23 August, Lam, 1, Allée du Musée, 59650, Villeneuve d'Ascq, T +33(0)3 20 19 68 68, www.musee-lam.fr

Agnès Troublé aka agnès b. is not only a stylist, a gallerist – the Galerie du Jour opened in 1984 – and more recently a filmmaker, she is also a collector. At the invitation of Marc Donnadieu, director of the Lam in Villeneuve d'Ascq (close to Lille), she will be unveiling more than a 100 artworks, bringing bring into the spotlight the major themes from her collection (portrait, music, cinema, inter-connectivi­ty between all forms of art, identity, counter-culture, memory).

L'OFFICIEL ART: The exhibition that you have curated is in the vein of the Yvon Lambert, K. and M. Ammann, Philippe Eternod & Jean-David Mermot, and Philippe Mons collection­s. What inspired Lam to offer its picture rails to the agnès b. collection? MARC DONNADIEU: It was above all her personalit­y as a collector; her extreme curiosity, her sensitivit­y— almost fragility, her loyalty and commitment to artists, the diversity of her acquisitio­ns, and, at the same time, her absolutely unique taste, her fondness for forms of countercul­ture, the underlying presence of literature, music, cinema… How were the exhibited pieces chosen, given that they make up just a hundred or so of the several thousand works in her collection? We wanted to highlight the transversa­l and interdisci­plinary nature of the collection. We therefore selected paintings, drawings, sculptures, installati­ons, and photograph­s that correspond and speak to each other, to establish constellat­ions that override provenance, celebrity, or generation. In a way to stir up trouble, like Agnes' family name—Troublé! What themes have you privileged in developing the exhibition? The same themes that we find in all of her projects: alterity in culture and language, these wonderful `other-worlds' of Agnès! Childhood and adolescenc­e but also sleep and dreaming, without forgetting to pay homage to gallerist Jean Fournier, where she started out, before she took over rue Quincampoi­x.

 ??  ?? Raymond Pettibon, Untitled , (Like the Mass), 1987.
Raymond Pettibon, Untitled , (Like the Mass), 1987.

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