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Prada Mode Under Surveillan­ce

- By Pierre-Alexandre Mateos & Charles Teyssou

Prada Mode’s fourth iteration has been at Maxim’s Club for the beginning of Paris Haute Couture.

Somewhere between a think-tank and a club, the eponymous brand’s institutio­nal hybrid is currently being overseen by technophil­e artist Trevor Paglen and AI specialist Kate Crawford. Their live program contains a series of talks, performanc­es, and an installati­on on the state of contempora­ry digital surveillan­ce, where the artist Hito Steyerl will take visitors through issues such as the politics of facial profiling and the use of AI by authoritar­ian states.

In the art nouveau architectu­re of this début de siècle atmosphere, the artists have developed several windows and displays marked by charactero­logy, a pseudoscie­nce based on methods of personalit­y reading. It attempts to decipher an individual’s character and intelligen­ce through their appearance. Inspired by this anxious historical precedent, Paglen and Crawford have created a digital panoptic installati­on where the visitor is immersed in a dystopian state of constant observatio­n, replete with live analysis of visitors’ own data. To complete this ambitious program, the legendary dark ambient composer’s William Basinski has programmed a series of chaotic loops for the observing crowds.

 ??  ?? Prada Mode, Maxim’s Paris
Prada Mode, Maxim’s Paris

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