Smart avia­tion, the engine of the cen­tu­ry

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Avia­tion of the fu­ture will mean crea­ting the grea­test va­lue for all sta­ke­hol­ders : in­dus­try, ser­vices, ter­ri­to­ries and users. To achieve this, avia­tion of the fu­ture will have to be connec­ted and this is al­rea­dy a rea­li­ty to­day. Pro­gress is cen­tral to such change, made pos­sible by the di­gi­tal re­vo­lu­tion and its nu­me­rous ap­pli­ca­tions that are sha­king up our dai­ly lives. The In­ter­net of Things, the Cloud and Big Da­ta are an in­te­gral part of the in­dus­try’s trans­for­ma­tion as they gain mo­men­tum, af­fec­ting eve­ry as­pect of so­cie­ty. Not a day goes by wi­thout some in­no­va­tion in the avia­tion sec­tor im­pro­ving the range of op­por­tu­ni­ties for eve­ryone. For all sta­ke­hol­ders in this sec­tor, the dis­rup­tion pro­mi­sed el­sew­here is al­rea­dy a rea­li­ty. The world of da­ta al­go­rith­mics is im­pro­ving per­for­mance and pro­duc­ti­vi­ty. The pro­li­fe­ra­tion of sen­sors ins­tal­led on com­plex sys­tems found at eve­ry le­vel of ae­ro­nau­tics helps both to fine-tune ser­vices in real time and to re­gu­late all pro­duc­tion se­quences at the hi­ghest pos­sible le­vel. Pre­dic­tive main­te­nance helps to im­prove the re­lia­bi­li­ty and avai­la­bi­li­ty of tools in the va­lue chain. With sa­tel­lites and air­lines criss-cros­sing the pla­net, avia­tion has trans­for­med our world and our per­cep­tion of it. All sta­ke­hol­ders in the sec­tor are now up to speed with the di­gi­tal age. And it has lo­gi­cal­ly be­come the most de­si­rable ob­ject of all pro­duc­tion sys­tems see­king to shape the new cen­tu­ry. Connec­ted avia­tion is has­te­ning the pace of the trans­for­ma­tions that are al­rea­dy un­der­way. But this comes at a price. All connec­ted ob­jects, soon to be lin­ked to de­ve­lop­ments in ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence, are po­ten­tial points of en­try for di­gi­tal at­tacks. Cy­ber at­tacks can ex­ploit the lo­gics of net­works, sprea­ding to conta­mi­nate the most es­ta­bli­shed in­dus­trial sys­tems, such as so­cial net­works and go­vern­ment sys­tems. Im­pro­ved per­for­mance has the pa­ra­doxi­cal ef­fect of in­crea­sing ex­po­sure to cy­ber threats. This dan­ger is seen as even more se­rious consi­de­ring recent cy­ber at­tacks and the omi­nous sha­dows of or­ga­ni­sed crime and uns­cru­pu­lous states that loom be­hind them. The pace and conti­nui­ty of in­no­va­tion re­lies lar­ge­ly on the confi­dence pla­ced in the da­ta ge­ne­ra­ted and sys­tems that sus­tain them. Se­cu­ri­ty in cy­bers­pace is now a ma­jor is­sue for the sus­tai­na­bi­li­ty of States, smart ter­ri­to­ries and bu­si­nesses alike. This is a to­pic of ut­most im­por­tance, since the pro­gress achie­ved in connec­ted avia­tion is so great that no one could ima­gine any going back. The phe­no­me­nal in­crease in air traf­fic is the most tan­gible de­mons­tra­tion of this. The emer­gence of new types of me­tro­po­li­tan areas sprin­ging up around air­ports is fur­ther proof. A bet­ter un­ders­tan­ding of the chal­lenges of connec­ted avia­tion, which has al­rea­dy trans­for­med the 21st cen­tu­ry, is a key is­sue which the Pa­ris Air Fo­rum has been clo­se­ly de­ci­phe­ring since its crea­tion. This high­ly cur­rent is­sue is cen­tral to our 2018 Fo­rum and we would be de­ligh­ted if you could join us again this year.

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