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Glide down, young ones! This is the mes­sage put for­ward by this col­lec­tion de­si­gned by Gaia Trussardi, crea­tive de­po­si­ta­ry of the fa­mi­ly brand’s he­ri­tage, and who, once again this sea­son, has de­ci­ded to tar­get her own ge­ne­ra­tion, the mil­le­nials. A Mi­la­nese, spor­ty and tren­dy pro­po­si­tion, in which ra­gazze and ra­gaz­zi rush eve­ry winter wee­kend down the slopes of swan­ky ski re­sorts. The house’s le­gen­da­ry lea­thers are present, co­lo­red with Al­pine mo­tifs, to sup­port a spor­ty and co­ol wardrobe.

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