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Hav­ing an­a­lysed the 24 or so booby traps set by young McCal­lis­ter, my lit­tle Kevin, I mean Émile, be­came ob­sessed with scat­ter­ing nails ev­ery­where and mak­ing the stairs slip­pery “to slide bet­ter, ha-ha!”. Not that cruel, when all is said and done. So to help my bud­ding in­ven­tor, we bought the lat­est Swiss Army knife from Mal­vaux. An icon to­tally re­vis­ited. Hand­made at the foot of the Jura moun­tains, it now has a curved han­dle and a sin­gle blade. It has played a ma­jor role in all the many booby traps since laid in our home… Its de­signer, Thilo Alex Brun­ner, who teaches at the Lau­sanne Art School (ECAL), would be proud of the zip-lines hang­ing from our mez­za­nine, of our fridge that blows flour in your face when­ever it is opened and the door­mat that slides from un­der your feet when you push the door open… mal­

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