13Fi­shing Concept Z

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The 13 Fishing Concept “Z” Cas­ting Reel uti­lizes a new tech­no­lo­gy that com­ple­te­ly eli­mi­nates the need for all ball bea­rings. It per­ma­nent­ly stamps-out the squea­king and cor­ro­sion that can oc­cur over time with a tech­no­lo­gi­cal­ly ad­van­ced Concept Ze­ro Bea­ring, ma­king the Concept Z an ex­cellent choice for fre­sh­wa­ter and salt­wa­ter an­glers as well. They are high per­for­ming reels that de­li­ver ex­cellent cas­ting and ac­cu­ra­cy like no other reels, and they're in­cre­di­bly silent while cas­ting.

$200 - www.13fi­shing.com

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