Sportfishing Adventures - - Conservation -

- As­sis­ted in es­ta­bli­shing six na­tio­nal­ly pro­tec­ted bo­ne­fish conser­va­tion zones in the Ba­ha­mas.

- Wor­ked with Flo­ri­da’s Fish and Wild­life Conser­va­tion Com­mis­sion and

an­glers to im­ple­ment catch-and-re­lease-on­ly re­gu­la­tions for tarpon and


- Map­ped cri­ti­cal flats fishing areas in the Flo­ri­da Keys that are hel­ping to guide ma­na­ge­ment strate

gies of the Flo­ri­da Keys Na­tio­nal Ma­rine Sanc­tua­ry and Ever­glades Na­tio

nal Park.

- Laun­ched a col­la­bo­ra­tive Ju­ve­nile Tarpon Ha­bi­tat Ini­tia­tive to iden­ti­fy, pro­tect and res­tore juve

nile tarpon ha­bi­tat.

- Crea­ted the first-ever per­mit-tag­ging pro­gram in Flo­ri­da, Be­lize and Mexi­co, and im­pro­ved per­mit fishing re­gu­la­tions

in Flo­ri­da.

- Laun­ched the lar­gest stu­dy ever un­der­ta­ken in bo­ne­fish re­pro­duc­tive science, a pro­ject de­si­gned to de­ve­lop new tools for

bo­ne­fish res­to­ra­tion.

- Con­duc­ted bo­ne­fish stu­dies in Flo­ri­da, the Ba­ha­mas, Mexi­co, Be­lize and Cu­ba that are being used to de­ve­lop ha­bi­tat and fi­she­ries pro­tec­tions.

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