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Fishbrain is the most po­pu­lar mo­bile app and so­cial net­work for fishing, connec­ting eve­ryone from be­gin­ner to pro an­glers with the tools and in­sights to ful­ly en­joy the world’s most po­pu­lar hob­by while catching more and big­ger fish.

The app’s in­ter­ac­tive map helps an­glers find hot new fishing spots and see what other people are catching, with what bait and spe­ci­fi­cal­ly where. With other fea­tures like Fish Spe­cies Re­cog­ni­tion, ma­rine map­ping (pro­vi­ded by C-MAP), fo­re­casts, bait re­com­men­da­tions and more, Fishbrain has be­come one of the most va­luable and re­war­ding tools in a fi­sher­man’s ta­ckle box. And, with the abi­li­ty to post pho­tos and vi­deos, log catches, share ex­pe­riences with an en­ga­ging com­mu­ni­ty, and watch tips and tricks from pro am­bas­sa­dors like Ro­land Mar­tin, Scott Mar­tin, Jim­my Hous­ton, Mike “Ike” Ia­co­nel­li, April Vo­key, Ro- bert Field any ma­ny more, Fishbrain is not on­ly fue­ling ins­pi­ra­tion, but hel­ping its more than five mil­lion users across the globe have more fun by fishing smarter, not har­der.

Fishbrain va­lues res­pon­sible fishing and the sus­tai­nable har­vest of fish spe­cies, as well as the tra­cking of rare and en­dan­ge­red spe­cies through a part­ner­ship with the U.S. Fish and Wild­life Ser­vice and the Flo­ri­da Wild­life Com­mis­sion.

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