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It’s not a gazpacho. But for some rea­son it’s not so sun­ny and sul­try and ear­ly Bar­dot­like this year in Cannes so my sexy cold gazpacho had to be hot, roas­ted gazpacho. Any­way, Gatsby didn’t know gazpacho from gar­ban­zo and eve­ry­thing about him was faux. So here’s a tas­ty faux-zpa­cho for a cold Cannes.


• 2 onions, pee­led and


• I large non-trea­ted orange,

wa­shed and quar­te­red

• 1 large po­ta­to, pee­led and

cut in­to large chunks

• 1 small egg­plant, cut in­to


• 1 small zuc­chi­ni, cut in­to


• 4 whole gar­lic cloves, pee­led • 3 bay leaves

• 1/4 cup (60 ml) olive oil

• 2 pounds (1 kg) vine

to­ma­toes, quar­te­red

• 1 ta­bles­poon co­arse sea salt • 1 ta­bles­poon ground cu­min • Fre­sh­ly ground black pep­per Pre­heat the oven to 400 F.

Toss all the ve­ge­tables and the orange with the olive oil, salt and cu­min. Place in a roas­ting pan and roast, stirring oc­ca­sio­nal­ly, un­til the ve­ge­tables start to brown, about 30 mi­nutes. Place in a deep sau­ce­pan and co­ver with wa­ter. Sim­mer un­til the ve­ge­tables are ve­ry soft, then pu­ree and strain. Serve gar­ni­shed with: crum­bled pan­cet­ta and sli­ced green onion.

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