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Papillotes are ma­gic. When the puf­fed par­cels ar­rive at the table and guests cut theirs open, the per­fume of the contents is re­lea­sed like The Ge­nie of Ap­pe­tites. So be sure to put hap­py smells in­side! This is a per­fect way to cook sh, kee­ping it moist, and the pa­ckages can be made ahead and co­oked la­ter for an après-red car­pet event. The on­ly cau­tion is

to re­hearse one sa­cri cial bundle and cook it ahead to know the co­oking time in your oven. Here I used sea bass, with the skin re­mo­ved un­less you en­joy it soft. Ma­ny other sh suc­ceed as well, such as cod, sole, sal­mon, whi­ting - most any bo­ne­less llet. Fol­lo­wing my ‘un­cons­truc­ted’ phi­lo­so­phy this week, I scat­ter in­gre­dients for a green olive ta­pe­nade over the sh to do what they will, uns­crip­ted.


• 1/2 fen­nel bulb, ve­ry ne­ly sha­ved • 1 small leek and 1 car­rot, cut in ne

ju­lienne strips

• olive oil

• salt and pepper

• Parch­ment pa­per or spe­cial oven

proof pa­pillote co­oking bags

• 4 bo­ne­less llets of sh,

150 - 180 g/5 -6 ounces each


• 1/2 cup Pi­cho­line green olives, pit­ted • 1 pre­ser­ved le­mon, in­sides re­mo­ved • 2 ta­bles­poons ca­pers • hand­ful of pars­ley

• 2 an­cho­vies Toss the fen­nel, leek and car­rot in a bit of olive oil and sea­son with salt and pepper. Di­vide the ve­ge­tables among 4 oi­led parch­ment pa­per rec­tangles or pa­pillote bags and place a sh llet on top.

Make the topping by co­ar­se­ly chop­ping all the in­gre­dients. Pat over the top of the sh llet and drizzle over a lit­tle olive oil. Tho­rough­ly fold the edges of the pa­per to make a tight seal all around, or tie the bags clo­sed.

Bake at 220C/450F for about 10 mi­nutes, un­til the bundles have puf­fed and brow­ned. If in doubt open one bag to see if she shakes (nice conso­nance there!). Serve at once while the pa­ckages are puf­fed and let guests cut them open to re­lease the se­duc­tive aro­mas.

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