Technikart - SuperCannes - - Night Clubbing - RAN­DALL PRICE WITH NI­CO­LAS CHERATI

• 100 g / 3/4 cup ground al­monds

• 100 g / 3/4 cup all-pur­pose flour

• 1 1/4 teas­poons ba­king pow­der

• 1 teas­poon ground car­da­mom (or gin­ger)

• 1/2 teas­poon salt

• 125 g / 1/2 cup un­sal­ted but­ter, sof­te­ned

• 150 g / 3/4 cup su­gar

• Zest and juice of 1 le­mon

• 60 ml / 1/4 cup olive oil

• 3 eggs

• 60 ml / 1/4 cup plain yo­gurt or sour cream, or hea­vy cream

Cats hate le­mons, but Pú­cas love it. They al­so love al­co­hol, and temp­ting hu­mans in­to drin­king in­to fol­ly. My weak­ness is sweets. This ver­sion of a pound cake com­bines but­ter with olive oil for a Me­di­ter­ra­nean touch. Af­ter ba­king, it is ba­thed in a le­mon sy­rup with Limoncello. I do not re­com­mend it for a chil­dren’s treat. But a Pú­ca would. Pú­cas can be good spi­rits, but they are mi­schie­vous as well.

The Cannes mar­ket is over­flo­wing with de­li­cious fresh straw­ber­ries. They make the per­fect ac­com­pa­niment for this vi­brant, moist cake.

• Sy­rup:

• 100 g / 1/2 cup gra­nu­la­ted su­gar

• 175 ml / 3/4 cup water

• Zest and juice of 1/2 le­mon

• 4 ta­bles­poons Limoncello

But­ter a 22 cm / 8 1/2 inch loaf pan. Line it with ba­king pa­per, then but­ter and flour it. Heat the oven to 160 C / 325 F.

Whisk to­ge­ther the al­mond pow­der, flour, ba­king pow­der, salt and car­da­mom. Beat the sof­te­ned but­ter with the su­gar and le­mon zest. Pour in the olive oil and conti­nue to beat un­til the mix­ture is light and fluf­fy. Beat in the le­mon juice, then the eggs, one by one, bea­ting well and scra­ping the bowl once or twice. Stir in the yo­gurt, blend it well, then trans­fer the bat­ter to the pre­pa­red loaf pan. Bake in the centre of the oven un­til a woo­den pick stuck in­to the centre comes out just clean, about 55-65 mi­nutes. Cool on a rack for ten mi­nutes, then ca­re­ful­ly re­move the cake (still in its pa­pers) to cool com­ple­te­ly.

Boil the su­gar, water, le­mon zest and juice for five mi­nutes. Pour in the Limoncello. Re­turn the cake, in its pa­pers, to the loaf pan. Prick the en­tire sur­face even­ly with a woo­den pick, pe­ne­tra­ting to the bot­tom. Spoon the hot Limoncello sy­rup slow­ly over the cake. Let it sit two hours be­fore ser­ving so the sy­rup is im­bi­bed com­ple­te­ly and even­ly.

Eat the cake chil­led, with fresh straw­ber­ries.

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