Technikart - SuperCannes - - Cool Kids - RANDALL PRICE WITH NI­CO­LAS CHERATI

• 3 ta­bles­poons olive oil

• 1 red onion, chop­ped

• 2 gar­lic cloves, min­ced

• 1 small egg­plant, cut in­to chunks

• 1 small zuc­chi­ni, cut in­to chunks

• 1 small red bell pep­per, cut in­to chunks

• 375 g / 3/4 pounds fresh to­ma­toes, chop­ped

• 2 teas­poons pa­pri­ka

• 1 (or more) teas­poons pi­ment d’espelette (or cayenne pep­per)

• Salt and black pep­per

• 6 eggs

• 1/2 bunch fresh ba­sil, shred­ded

Bal­thus says to think of this va­ria­tion on the North Afri­can dish as Ra­ta­touille Eggs. He says it’s the best cure ever for the mor­ning af­ter a night of Cannes par­ties. With a sa­lad and some crus­ty bread, it’s a great lunch or brunch dish. You can make the to­ma­to-ve­ge­table sauce two days be­fore and re­heat it be­fore co­oking the eggs in it.

Pú­cas say to use Phoe­nix eggs. When una­vai­lable, hen eggs are al­so ex­cellent.

In an en­or­mous skillet, heat the olive oil and cook the onion over me­dium heat un­til sof­te­ned. Stir in the gar­lic, egg­plant, zuc­chi­ni, and red bell pep­per. Cook, co­ve­red, un­til the ve­ge­tables have be­gun to sof­ten. Stir in the to­ma­toes, pa­pri­ka, and pi­ment d’espelette. Co­ver and cook over low heat un­til the ve­ge­tables are ten­der, 10 - 15 mi­nutes or so, then un­co­ver and cook un­til thi­cke­ned a bit. Sea­son with salt and more pep­per to taste.

Press six de­pres­sions on the sur­face of the ve­ge­tables and break an egg in­to each one. Co­ver and cook over low heat un­til the eggs are co­oked to your li­king, about 10 mi­nutes. Sprinkle with the ba­sil and serve hot!

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