Technikart - SuperCannes - - Édito - RANDALL PRICE WITH NI­CO­LAS CHERATI

• Six bo­ne­less chicken breasts • 125 g / 1 cup fi­ne­ly ground al­monds

• 2 ta­bles­poons olive oil

• 2 ta­bles­poons but­ter

• 2 onions, sli­ced thin

• 1 large bunch fresh tar­ra­gon sprigs, stems and leaves (save a few leaves for de­cor)

• 500 ml / 2 cups Noilly Pratt • 180 ml / 3/4 cup hea­vy cream • 60 g / 1/2 cup fre­sh­ly gra­ted Par­me­san or Pe­co­ri­no cheese • Salt and pep­per

• Pink pep­per­corns

Bal­thus the Pú­ca-cat and I have been en­joying a real­ly in­ter­es­ting Cannes ex­pe­rience. Here in the kit­chen of the Techniboat we’ve been ro­cking the waves and put­ting out some de­li­cious food. The great thing about a Pú­ca is that they are quick thin­kers. Bal­thus has hel­ped me out of se­ve­ral jams al­rea­dy this week, when unex­pec­ted events and num­bers of di­ners have tra­gi­cal­ly mu­ta­ted in a mat­ter of hours. Plan­ning here is a vague art, at best. The na­ture of Techniboat is constant­ly-chan­ging growth, so I have to be nimble on my feet. The yacht is beau­ti­ful­ly vin­tage - the best par­ty boat in Cannes - but ‘vin­tage’ in a kit­chen is not ne­ces­sa­ri­ly an as­set.

A client ear­lier this week as­ked for a spe­cial Ita­lian chicken dish for her im­por­tant par­ty. I wasn’t exact­ly sure what she wan­ted, and she didn’t know what she wan­ted, but I de­ci­ded the chicken would be co­oked in white Mar­ti­ni Ver­mouth and have tar­ra­gon in it. When we went shop­ping, of course there was no white Mar­ti­ni. I star­ted doing a lit­tle pa­nic dance, but Bal­thus han­ded me a bot­tle of Noilly Pratt, a French her­bal ape­ri­tif si­mi­lar to Mar­ti­ni. I trus­ted him. It was de­li­cious! Maybe not exact­ly Ita­lian, but the client lo­ved it.

Split the thick part of the chicken breast part-way through and open it. Flat­ten slight­ly so it has an even thi­ck­ness. Dip both sides of the meat in­to the al­monds. Heat the oil and but­ter in a frying pan and brown the chicken over me­dium heat un­til light gol­den, 2 -3 mi­nutes on each side. Scat­ter the onions and tar­ra­gon over the meat and pour over the Noilly Pratt. Bring it to a boil, then re­duce the heat and sim­mer gent­ly, co­ve­red, un­til ve­ry ten­der, about 40 mi­nutes. Turn the meat over half­way through.

When the chicken is ve­ry ten­der, re­move it from the pan. Pour the cream in­to the pan and co­ok, stir­ring, un­til the sauce thi­ckens slight­ly. Add the cheese and stir to melt it. Pour the sauce over the chicken and serve with rice, or pas­ta. Bal­thus likes to throw some pink pep­per­corns over the top, but I do not know why. He says, ‘be­cause.’

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